Leotia atrovirens

Scientific name:  Leotia atrovirens Fries
Derivation of nameAtr- means "black" and virens means
"green." The name describes the dark green caps these fungi
may have. 
Synonyms:  Leotia chlorocephala
Common name(s):  ?
Phylum:   Ascomycota
Order:   Helotiales
Family:   Leotiaceae
Occurrence on wood substrate:  Saprobic; in groups on soil,
in mosses, or on well-decayed wood; July through September. 
Dimensions:  The cap is 6-12 mm wide and the stalk may be
1-4.5 cm tall.   
Description: The gelatinous greenish cap is irregularly rounded
and flattened. Caps may be smooth or furrowed and have
inrolled margins. Stalks are pale green and usually roughened.
Edibility: Unknown.
There are overlapping color forms of L. atrovirens,
L. viscosa, and L. lubrica suggesting the taxonomic status of
these organisms as three distinct species is uncertain.
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Figure 1. Here, among mosses, is a typical habitat for this species. Photo © Dianna Smith.

Figure 2. Along with L. atrovirens, L. lubrica is also
present. Photo © Dianna Smith.

Figure 3. This is how a specimen of L. atrovirens might
show up at a foray. Photo © Gary Emberger.


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