Tremella foliacea

Scientific name:  Tremella foliacea Pers.
Derivation of nameFoli- refers to "leaves" in reference to the
leafy appearance of this fungus.  
SynonymsExidia foliacea (Pers.) P. Karst.  
Common name(s):  Jelly leaf
Phylum:   Basidiomycota
Order:   Tremellales
Family:   Tremellaceae
Occurrence on wood substrate:  Saprobic; solitary or
scattered on decaying wood; July through November. 
Dimensions:  Clusters vary from 2.5 to 20 cm wide and from
5-10 cm high.   
Description:  These gelatinous, reddish-brown to dark brown
(or pale brownish-yellow), lettuce-like clusters of flattened lobes
can be quite large.      
Edibilty: Edible.   
Comments: Field guides report that though edible, this fungus is

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Figure 1. Typical occurrence of Tremella foliacea on wood.
Photo © David Work.

Figure 2. Another view of jelly leaf. Photo © Steve Nelsen.

Figure 3. A rather pale example of jelly leaf. Photo ©
Steve Nelsen.


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