Bulgaria inquinans

Scientific name:  Bulgaria inquinans (Pers.) Fr.
Derivation of name:  Inquinans means "polluting" or
"staining" perhaps in reference to the dark color of this
SynonymsPhaeobulgaria inquinans  
Common name(s):  Black jelly drops; Poor man's
Phylum:   Ascomycota
Order:   Helotiales
Family:   Bulgariaceae
Occurrence on wood substrate: Saprobic; solitary to
clustered on decaying hardwoods, especially oak;
summer through fall.  
Dimensions: 1-4 cm wide, about as high; rounded to
shallow cup-shaped, becoming flat topped at maturity.   
Sterile outer surface:  Blackish-brown to brown and rough.
Fertile inner surface:  Black, smooth, and shiny.
Edibility: Unknown  
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Figure 1. Fallen white oak (Quercus alba) log with blackish
fruit bodies of Bulgaria inquinans. Photo © Gary Emberger.

Figure 2. Bulgaria inquinans at a different location on the
same log as pictured in Figure 1. Photo © Gary Emberger.

Figure 3. The fruit body of Bulgaria inquinans is not initially
flat-topped. When young, the fruit body is rounded or top-
shaped. The fruit body flattens as the black fertile portion
enlarges and matures. Photo © Gary Emberger.

Figure 4. The fertile surface of mature specimens is black,
smooth and often shiny. The outer sterile surface is brown to
blackish-brown and rough. Photo © Gary Emberger.

Figure 5. Typical specimens of Bulgaria inquinans on wood.
Photo © William Roody.



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