Humaria hemisphaerica

Scientific name:  Humaria hemisphaerica (F. H. Wigg.)
Derivation of name:  Hemisphaerica means "half of a
sphere" referring the deep, cup-shaped form of this fungus.
Synonyms:  Peziza hemisphaerica Wigg.
Common name(s):  Hairy fairy cup, Brown-haired white
Phylum:   Ascomycota
Order:   Pezizales
Family:   Pyronemataceae
Occurrence on wood substrate: saprobic on well-decayed
wood and on rich humus; summer through fall.  
Dimensions:  1-3 cm wide; deeply cup-shaped.  
Sterile outer surface:  Densely covered with stiff brown hairs.      
Fertile inner surface: Whitish, smooth.
Edibility: Unknown.
Comments: The fringe of brown hairs along the rim of
the cup is very attractive against the creamy-white interior.

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Figure 1. A number of specimens observed at the base
of a tree. Photo © Gary Emberger.

Figure 2. The white interior and hairy brown outside is
quite diagnostic. Photo © Gary Emberger.

Figure 3. The distinctive fringe of brown hairs along the
rim of the cup. Photo © Gary Emberger.


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