Cystoderma granosum

Scientific name:  Cystoderma granosum (Morgan) A.H.
Sm. & Singer.
Derivation of nameGran- means "seed" or "grain" and
refers to the "grains" or granules covering the cap and stipe
of this mushroom.  
Synonyms:  Agaricus granosus Morgan
Common name(s):  None.
Phylum:   Basidiomycota
Order:   Agaricales
Family:   Agaricaceae
Occurrence on wood substrate:  Saprobic; solitary to
grouped to present in cespitose clusters on rotten deciduous
wood; August through October.
Dimensions: Caps are 2.5-9 cm wide; stipes are 5-7.5 cm
long and 8-15 mm thick.   
Cap: Bright orange to dull orange or ochre-tawny; dry;
covered with granulose scales or finely powdery; sometimes
Gills:  Attached; whitish.
Spore print: White.
Stipe: Colored and with the same granular material as the
cap up to the flaring ring, whitish above the ring.
Veil: Persistent and flaring.
Edibility: Unknown.
Comments: Note that the species Cystoderma
(Batch:Fries) Fayod has a very similar name
but does not grow on wood.

Figure 1. Cystoderma granosum. Photo © William

Figure 2. Closeup of one of the mushrooms in Figure 1
showing the attached gills and the partial veil separating
from the cap margin. Photo © William Roody.

Figure 3. A specimen as it appeared on theNEMF
collection tables. The granular material on the stipe is
present up to the ring but not above. Photo © Gary

Figure 4. A specimen with a more orange coloration
and showing the granular scales on the cap and stipe.
Photo © Gary Emberger.


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