Exidia nucleata

Scientific name:   Exidia nucleata (Schwein.) Burt
Derivation of name:  Nuclea- means "a little nut" or the
"nucleus" in reference to the granules within the flesh of the
SynonymsMyxarium nucleatum Wallr.  
Common name(s):  Granular jelly roll.
Phylum:   Basidiomycota
Order:   Tremellales
Family:   Exidiaceae
Occurrence on wood substrate:  Saprobic; rubbery-
gelatinous, brain-like to lobed, irregular masses on decaying
deciduous wood; July through November.  
Dimensions:  Individual fruit bodies are 0.6-2 cm wide
and up to 1.5 cm high. Extensive masses of fused
fruitbodies may be 10 cm or more long.   
Description: Initially colorless or whitish, becoming pinkish-
to reddish-brown or vinaceous-brown. Most distinctive is
the presence of small, hard, white "seed-like" granules or
"nuclei" up to 0.5 mm in diameter within the flesh of the fruit
 This organism is reported to be fairly
common but I have yet to personally see it at a local foray
or at a NEMF or NAMA foray.

Figure 1. Exidia nucleata on wood. Photo © John
Plischke III.

Figure 2. Another group of specimens. Note the white
granules within the fruitbodies. Photo © John Plischke III.

Figure 3. The white granules or "nuclei" are hard, seed-like
structures within the gelatinous flesh of Exidia nucleata.
Other jelly fungi in our area do not have such structures.
Photo © John Plischke III.


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