Globifomes graveolens

Scientific name:   Globifomes graveolens (Schwein.)
Derivation of name:   Globifomes means "Fomes with
globular or spherical fruiting bodies." Fomes means "tinder."
Graveolens means "strong smelling."
Synonymy:   Polyporus graveolens (Schw.) Fries, Boletus
Common names:  Sweet knot.
Phylum:   Basidiomycota
Order:   Polyporales
Family:   Polyporaceae
Occurrence on wood substrate: Saprobic and parasitic;
solitary or in groups on trunks and logs of deciduous trees,
especially oak (Quercus); July through October, overwinters.  
Dimensions: Individual caps 1-2 cm wide; entire mass of
small, overlapping caps may be 5-20 cm wide.   
Upper surface:  Individual caps are yellow-brown when
young, aging dark brown to grayish-black when mature.
Pore surface: Gray at first, becoming brownish; pores 3-4
per mm.
Edibility: Inedible.
Comments:  Some specimens have a sweet odor when cut.

Figure 1. Note the many, small, densely overlapping caps.
Photo © John Plischke III.

Figure 2. The entire mass of caps is attached to wood by a
solid, central core. Photo © Larry Grand.


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