Sociolog & Anthropology (SOAN)

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QUESTION  -  Why are things as they are?

            DISCOVER  - Theories and explanations!

                        ENGAGE  - The society in constructive change

Messiah College combines Sociology and Anthropology into one major.  This is a real advantage for students, because they get a richer curriculum informed by both disciplines.

Sociology studies group processes and structure in the larger social context. It looks at stratification, socialization, collective behavior, social change, deviance and the influence of society on individuals.

Cultural Anthropology studies cultural diversity in the United States and around the world.  It looks at the way cultures construct meanings and influence relationships. By looking at particular cultural groups, students gain an appreciation for people who think in different ways and skills to relate in cross cultural settings.

 Together, Sociology and Cultural Anthropology develop understandings of how race, ethnicity, gender and social class affect opportunities for people and shape their experiences and how they think.  They study social institutions such as the family, formal organizations, religion, politics, and the economy, both for understanding and also to learn how to work for change, justice and equality in society.  They study social issues like poverty, crime, racism, and economic and social inequality.