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Academic Advising

Philosophy on Academic Advising at Messiah College

Academic advising is an important part of the learning process at Messiah College; it is perhaps best thought of as
a partnership between students and faculty/members of the COE. Although students are personally responsible for
planning their academic program to meet all graduation requirements, faculty advisors help students make effective
academic choices compatible with their life goals.


Academic Advisors Responsibilities:


  • understand general education requirements, majors curriculum, and the overlaps between the two
  • understand academic policies and procedures
  • establish academic goals compatible with students life goals
  • enhance academic performance and seek academic challenges
  • create long-term academic goals
  • develop course schedules which consider the student’s academic goals and background
  • understand major requirements
  • monitor academic progress and encourage good academic work
  • find appropriate resources available to help students solve individual problems
  • apply appropriate, for scholarship and awards—after advisee discussion
  • Advisors evaluate the advising system, when requested, in order to strengthen the advising process

Student Responsibilities:


  • accept full ownership for all decisions; academic advisors will assist by presenting options
  • prepare for advising sessions and bring appropriate resources or materials (i.e. pen, timetable of classes,
    catalog, completed registration form, etc.)
  • contact and make an appointment with an advisor when in need of assistance
  • follow through on actions identified during each advising session
  • clarify personal values, abilities, interests, and goals adhere to institutional policies, procedures, and requirements
  • review eligibility requirements for scholarships and awards and when appropriate, discuss options with
  • evaluate the advising system, when requested, in order to strengthen the advising process