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Welcome to Messiah College's online course catalog. To browse course information, please use the links below, which are organized hierarchically by School, department, and major/minor/concentration. When you click on the link for a major, minor or concentration, a list of curriculum requirements will open in a new browser window. You can then click on the course numbers in the list of requirements to read individual course descriptions.

The following curriculum requirements are in PDF format, and you will need Adobe Reader to browse the course catalog. You may download the newest version here.

If you would rather browse the course catalog by looking at majors and minors listed alphabetically, you can do so here.

School of the Arts
Arts Management (B.A.)
  Department of Music

Music (B.A.)
   Church Music Concentration

   Commercial Concentration
   Composition Concentration
Music (Business) (B.A.)

Music Education (B.S.) with K-12 Teaching Certification

Music Performance (B.M.)
Church Music Minor
General Music Minor

  Department of Theatre

Theatre (B.A.) - Emphases include Acting, Directing, and Technical Production and Design

Dance Minor
Theatre Minor

  Department of Visual Arts

Art Education (B.S.) with K-12 Teaching Certification

   Design and Digital Media Concentration

   Mixed Media Studies Concentration

   Two-Dimenstional Studies Concentration

Art History (B.A.)
Studio Art (B.A.)
   Design and Digital Media Concentration
   Mixed Media Studies Concentration
   Two-Dimensional Studies Concentration
Art History Minor
Studio Art Minor

School of Business, Education and Social Sciences
  Department of Education

Education (B.S.) with Teaching Certification in Pre K-4

Education (B.S.) with Dual Teaching Certification in Pre K-4 & Special Education (N-8)
Education (B.S.) with Middle Level (Grade 4-8)

   English Concentration

   Mathematics Concentration

   Math and English Concentration

   Math and Social Studies Concentration

   Science Concentration

   Science and English Concentration

   Science and Math Concentration

   Science and Social Studies Concentration

   Social Studies Concentration
Early Childhood Education Minor
Education Minor
Socio-Cultural Perspectives on Education Minor

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

  Department of Human Development and Family Science

Child and Family Services (B.A.) - Only available to non-traditional students who are part of the PA TEACH

Family and Consumer Science Education (B.S.) with K-12 Teaching Certification
Human Development and Family Science (B.A.)

Children and Youth Services Minor

Children and Youth Services Minor (HDFS Majors)

Gender Studies Minor
Gerontology Minor
Human Development and Family Science Minor
Multicultural Families Minor
Pre-Marriage and Family Therapy Minor

Pre-Marriage and Family Therapy Minor (HDFS Majors)

  Department of Management and Business

Accounting (B.S.)
Business Administration (B.S.)

   Entrepreneurship Concentration
   Finance Concentration
   Generalist Track Concentration

   Human Resource Management Concentration
   Leadership Concentration
   Technology and Operations Management Concentration
Economics (B.A.)
Economics (B.S.)
International Business (B.S.)
Marketing (B.S.)
Accounting Minor
Business Administration Minor
Economics Minor
Human Resource Management Minor
Leadership Minor

  Department of Psychology

Biopsychology (B.S.)

Biopsychology (B.S.)/MSOT in Occupational Therapy - Thomas Jefferson University
Psychology (B.A.)

Counseling Concentration

Psychology (B.S.)
Community Psychology Minor
Counseling Minor
Psychology Minor

  Department of Sociology, Social Work, and Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice (B.A.)
Social Work (B.S.W.)
Sociology and Anthropology (B.A.)
Criminal Justice Minor

Gender Studies
Human Services Minor

Sociology and Anthropology
Urban Studies Minor

School of Science, Engineering and Health
  Department of Biological Sciences

Biology (B.S.)
Biology (B.S.) with Secondary Teaching Certification

Biology (Secondary) and Environmental Education (K-12) (B.S.) (Dual Teaching Certification)

Biopsychology (B.S.)

Biopsychology (B.S.)/MSOT in Occupational Therapy - Thomas Jefferson University
Environmental Science (B.S.)

Molecular Biology (B.S.)

Sustainability Studies (B.A.)

    Community and Urban Development Concentration 

    Sustainable Agricultural Concentration

    Sustainability Public Policy
Biology Minor
Biology Minor (Environmental Science Majors)
Environmental Science Minor
Environmental Science Minor (Biology Majors)

Sustainability Studies Minor

  Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Biochemistry (B.A.)

Biochemistry (B.S.)

Chemistry (B.A.)

Chemistry (B.S.)
Chemistry (B.A.) with Secondary Teaching Certification
Chemistry Minor

  Department of Engineering

Engineering (B.S. in Engineering)

   Biomedical Concentration

   Computer Concentration
   Electrical Concentration

   Environmental Concentration
   Mechanical Concentration

  Department of Health and Human Performance

Adventure Education (B.A.)
Athletic Training (B.A.)

Health and Exercise Science (B.A.)
      Health and Fitness Concentration

      Pre-Physical Therapy

Health and Physical Education (B.A.) with K-12 Teaching Certification
Sport Management (B.A.)
Adventure Education Minor
Athletic Training Minor
Health and Exercise Science Minor

  Department of Information and Mathematical Sciences

Business Information Systems (B.S.)
Computer Science (B.A.)
Mathematics (B.A.)
Mathematics (B.A.) with Secondary Teaching Certification
Physics (B.A.)
Physics (B.S.)
Business Information System Minor

Computer Science Minor
Mathematics Minor
Statistics Minor

  Department of Nursing
    Nursing (B.S.N.)
  Department of Nutrition and Dietetics

Nutrition and Dietetics (B.S.)

Nutrition and Food Services Management (B.A.)

Nutrition Science (B.A.)
Food and Nutrition Minor

  Pre-Professional Health Programs
    Pre-Allied Health Programs
Pre-Physical Therapy

School of the Humanities
Humanities (B.A.)

      Art History Concentration

      Communication Concentration

      History Concentration

      Literature Concentration

      Philosophy Concentration

      Politics Concentration

      Religious Studies Concentration

  Department of Biblical and Religious Studies

Bible and Relgious Studies (B.A.)

     Bible Concentration

     Religion Concentration

     Theology Concentration

     World Christianity Concentration
Christian Ministries (B.A.)
   Congregational Ministries Concentration
   Cross-Cultural Ministries Concentration
   Youth Ministries Concentration

Peace and Conflict Studies (B.A.)
African-American Religion and Culture Minor
Bible Minor
Congregational Ministries Minor
Cross-Cultural Ministries Minor

Peace and Conflict Studies Minor
Religion Minor

  Department of Communication

Broadcasting (B.A.)
   Broadcast Journalism Concentration
   Broadcast Production Concentration
   Media Studies Concentration
Communication (B.A.)
   Communication Studies Concentration

   Film and Digital Media Concentration
   Public Relations Concentration
Broadcasting Minor
Communication Minor

  Department of English

English (B.A.)

  Literature Concentration

  Writing Concentration
English (B.A.) with Secondary Teaching Certification
Journalism (B.A.)
English Minor
Journalism Minor

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Minor (TESOL)

  Department of History

History (B.A.)
   American History Concentration
   Classical and Medieval European History Concentration
   Modern European History Concentration
   Public History Concentration
   World History Concentration
History (B.A.) with Secondary Social Studies Teaching Certification
Classical, Medieval, and Reneassaince Minor

History Minor

  Department of Modern Languages
    French (B.A.)
French (B.A.) with K-12 Teaching Certification
German (B.A.)
German (B.A.) with K-12 Teaching Certification
Spanish (B.A.)
Spanish Business (B.A.)
Spanish (B.A.) with K-12 Teaching Certification
French Minor
German Minor
Spanish Minor
  Department of Philosophy
    Philosophy (B.A.)
Philosophy Minor
  Department of Politics
    Politics (B.A.)
   International Relations Concentration
   Political Studies Concentration
Politics (B.A.) with an M.S. in Public Policy & Management - Carnegie Mellon University
Politics Minor
Pre-Law Minor


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