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General Education Guidelines

Click on any of the links below to open a section of the General Education Guidelines in PDF format. Once the PDF document opens in your browser, you will be able to search the document or copy content from the document. Look for the Adobe Acrobat "search" and "select" icons under the address bar in your browser. They will look like this:

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Table of Contents:

Mission and Purpose

Introduction and Guidelines

Approved Courses

Six Assumptions

Recommended Sequencing of Requirements

Disciplinary and Interdisciplinary Courses

Information Literacy

First Year Seminar

Created and Called for Community

Writing Across the Curriculum

Structural Parameters for the Major Writing Requirement

Structural Parameters for the Writing-Enriched Course Requirement

Principles for Approving Faculty Members for Interdisciplinary Courses

Structural Parameters for Interdisciplinary Courses

Transfer Equivalencies

Satisfying Requirements Through Means Other Than Formal Coursework

Alternate College Credit Options



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