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  Community of Learning

This eighth edition of Endnotes records the scholarly, artistic, and professional accomplishments of our Community of Educators from July 1, 2003, to June 30, 2004. Messiah College is an exciting and invigorating community of learning, and Educators are actively involved in many and varied dimensions of continuing professional development. This volume provides a glimpse into the significant contributions that our Educators are making not only to our own campus community of learning, but to the broader academy as well.

Sincere thanks to Tracey Barger, Provost’s Office Assistant, for the many hours that were devoted to sorting, compiling, typing, and rechecking entries. This volume would not have been produced without her careful work, and it is very much appreciated.

It is a pleasure to present this publication which recognizes and celebrates the professional achievements of our Messiah College Educators.

Rhonda H. Jacobsen, Assistant Dean/Director of Faculty Development

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