It is a delight to present this second annual edition of Endnotes which records the scholarly and artistic contributions of our Community of Educators in 1996 and 1997. A flourishing culture of scholarship abounds at Messiah College! A vibrant community of scholarship creates an exciting and engaging learning environment for students and colleagues alike. Our recently revised program of faculty grants will likely encourage even more scholarly activity.

In a typical year Messiah College provides some three dozen grants totaling nearly $100,000 to support and encourage the scholarly efforts of our educators. Because these modest funds cover only some of the direct costs of research, many of the contributions recorded here reflect endless hours of personal commitment without compensation. The fruits of our collegial endeavors profiled in this volume reflect the breadth and the depth of the culture of scholarship on our campus.

The primary mission of Messiah College is to create a stimulating learning environment—a culture of scholarship that permeates our campus and engages the minds of our students. Scholarship in the context of a Christian college should ultimately benefit our students. Educators who are engaged in the adventure of learning themselves are able to share the excitement of their own discovery with students.

Our educators carry heavy teaching and advising loads and apart from an occasional sabbatical, few have sustained periods of time to pursue research or artistic projects. Consequently the achievements chronicled in these pages reflects an extraordinary commitment to scholarship—much of it on evenings, weekends and summers—on top of already heavy teaching loads.

We call this publication Endnotes for several reasons. Endnotes, in a similar fashion to footnotes, provide a trail of documentation for scholarly research. Endnotes also symbolize a musical notation reminding us that much of our creative activity even under the guise of science is artistic in nature. And the appearance of a creative contribution in Endnotes is a finale in itself—a moment of public praise to celebrate the many creative efforts arising from our Community of Educators.

Numerous people who have contributed to the tedious process of compiling this record deserve our special thanks. Most importantly Rhonda Jacobsen, Assistant Dean for Faculty Development, took the lead in gathering materials and developing guidelines for appropriate entries. My assistant, Joan Malick, completed the arduous task of keystroking all the entries in a superb fashion and always with a pleasant smile. Moreover she served as general manager of the project—coordinating all the details of entry and publication. We are also grateful for the special assistance of Janice Garber for designing the cover and Randy Stahl and the Reprographics Staff for printing the volume.

As Provost of Messiah College, it is indeed a delight to celebrate the scholarly and artistic fruits that flow from our Community of Educators.

— Donald B. Kraybill, Provost

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