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  Published Essays & Articles

  Berke, Debra L., R. Flexman & B. Settles
1999 "Negotiating family: The interface between family and support groups," Marriage and Family Review, 28: 173-190.
  Burwell, Ronald J.
1998 (Editor). Research on Christian Higher Education, Vol 5. Grantham, PA: Messiah College.
1999 (Editor). Research on Christian Higher Education, Vol 6. Grantham, PA: Messiah College and the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities.
1999 "Rokeach Value Survey," "Cross-Cultural Dimensions of Religiosity," "Dimensions of Religious Commitment," "Religious Orientation and Involvement," "Religious Variables: 10 Scales." In P. C. Hill & R. W. Hood, Jr. (Eds.). Measures of Religiosity (252-254;270-276; 279-292; 330-333; 333-339). Birmingham, AL: Religious Education Press.
  Caroselli, Susan L. (a.k.a. Susanna Bede Caroselli, CSSG)
OCT, 1998 "Christian Art [before 1800]." In The Encyclopedia of Christianity, Vol. 1. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans/Leiden: Brill.
  Cobb, Stephen G. & Daniel M. Cobb
APR, 1999 "Missionaries in the Middle Ground: The Navajo Brethren in Christ Mission as Cultural Broker." Brethren in Christ History and Life, 22: 5-38.
  Downing, Crystal L.
JUN, 1998 "An AnaBender Vision." Christian Living, 45: 9-13.
Fall 1998 "Unheimliche Heights: The (En)Gendering of Brontë Sources." Texas Studies in Literature and Language, 40: 347?369.
Fall 1999 "Antiseptic Bakhtin: The Dialogic Christian," Pacific Coast Philology, 34(1): 17-25.
Fall 1999 "Richard Rorty on the Silver Screen." Books and Culture, 5: 8-10.
Spring 2000 "Playing the Postmodern Field," Books and Culture, 6: 9-10.
Summer 2000 "Misshapen Chaos of Well-Seeming Form: Baz Luhrmann's Romeo & Juliet." Literature/Film Quarterly, 28: 125-131.
  Eby, John W.
Spring 1998 "Linking Service and Learning: Observations from the Service-Learning Movement." Mission Focus Annual Review 6.
  Erikson, Carl A. Jr.
JUN, 1998 "Appropriate Technology: Engineering for the 21st Century." Proceedings of 1998 ASEE Annual Conference.
  Finger, Lareta Halteman
MAR - APR, 1999 "Living the Word: Reading Romans Anew." Sojourners, 28: 46-49.
JUL - AUG, 1999 "Sharing Community." The Other Side, 35: 24?28
1999 "Standing in the Gap." She Has Done a Good Thing: Mennonite Women Leaders Tell Their Stories, edited by M. Swartley and R. Keener. Herald: 47-56
Spring 2000 "A Sense of Belonging: What Is It Worth to You?" (exegesis and sermon) Biblical Preaching Journal: 12-14
  Hamon, Raeann R.
1999 "Strengthening Families: Illustrating Family Scholarship with Biblical Text." Family Ministry, 13(4): 10-22.
1999 "Social Exchange Theory and the Christian Faith: Is a Satisfactory Marriage Possible?" Journal of Psychology and Christianity, 18(1): 19-27.
  Harles, John
Spring 1998 "Multiculturalism, National Identity, and National Integration: The Canadian Case." International Journal of Canadian Studies, 17: 217-245.
  Heinemann, Robert L.
1998 "Addressing Campus-Wide Communication Incivility in the Basic Course." Eric, ED 404: 701.
  Hettinga, Kathy T.
MAR, 1998 "Type as Image" and "Word and Image Issue." CIVA, Christians in the Visual Arts, 6(1).
  Hollinger, Dennis P.
Summer 1999 "Following Jesus in a Postmodern Word." C. S. Lewis Institute Report.
2000 "The Varieties of Worship: A Sociological Profile," Brethren In Christ History and Life, 23(1): 59-78.
  Holmes, Sandra A.
Winter 1999 "Latex Allergies: Concerns For the Higher-Education Classroom.." Journal of Science Education for Students with Disabilities, (2): 12-18.
1999 "Looking Out for Latex." Science and Children, 36(5): 21-25, 52-53.
  Huffman, Joseph P.
1999 "Faith, Reason, and the Text. The Return of the Middle Ages in Post-Modern Scholarship." Christian Scholars Review, 29 (2): 281-301.
2000 "Mitravit me et ego eum coronabo. The Archbishop of Cologne and Richard of Cornwall: An Interregional Perspective on Regnum and Sacerdotium." In N. van Deusen (ed.). Medieval Germany: Associations and Delineations (71-92). Claremont Cultural Studies Series: Wissenschaftliche Abhandlungen LXII/5. Ottawa, Canada: Institute of Medieval Music.
  Jacobsen, Douglas
Winter 1998 "The Center and Boundaries of Evangelical/Fundamentalist Faith-A Review Essay." Christian Scholar's Review, 28: 2.
APR, 1999 "Inclusive and Discerning?" Christian Century, 116:13.
FEB, 2000 "Pietism and the Postmodern Context of Ecumenical Dialogue." Ecumenical Trends, 29:2.
  Kilmer, Robert A.
1999 "Computing Confidence Intervals of Stochastic Simulations Using Neural Networks." Computers and Industrial Engineering, 36(2): 391-407.
  Kilmer, R., R. Hooper, T. Galvin, & J. Liebowitz
1998 "Use of an Expert System in a Personnel Selection Process." Expert Systems With Applications: An International Journal, 14: 425-432 .
  Kilmer, R., C. Moore, S. Baek, J. Liebowitz, & R. Minehart
1998 "Intelligent Agent?Based Information Warfare Advisor ('Bob-in-a-Box')." Kybernetes, 27(1): 38-53.
  Kraybill, Donald B.
1998 "Plain Reservations: Amish and Mennonite Views of Media and Computers." Journal of Mass Media Ethics, 13(2): 99-110.
  Miller, Arlene B.
APR, 1998 "The Brethren in Christ and Evangelical Culture." Brethren in Christ History & Life, XXI(1): 189-201.
Summer 1998 "Reflections on Mission at This Time in My Life." Shalom!, 18(3): 8, 10.
Fall 1998 "Dissecting the Dilemma." Journal of Christian Nursing, 15(4): 7-9.
  Miller, Caleb D.
JUL, 1999 "Creation, Redemption and Virtue." Faith and Philosophy, 16: 368-377.
APR, 1998 "Why Mennonites Should be Wary of Postmodernism.." Mennonite Quarterly Review, 72: 326-332.
  Murk, Donald A., Keith L. Pentz & Alice Couch
NOV, 1998 "Laying a Foundation for Learning." Classroom Leadership/Educational Leadership, 2(3): 3.
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  Parkyn, David L.
1999 "The Satellite Campus: A Collaborative Model." Planning for Higher Education, 27(4), 9-17.
MAR, 1999 "Emerging Patterns of Catholic?Protestant Relations in Contemporary Guatemala." Journal of the Southeastern Council on Latin American Studies, XXX: 13-27.
1999 "Learning in the Company of Others: Fostering a Discourse Community with a Collaborative Electronic Journal." College Teaching, 47(3): 88-91.
  Prescott, Theodore
MAY, 1998 "Nature and Nature's God in Late Twentieth Century America Art." The Cresset: A Review of Literature, the Arts, and Public Affairs, LXI(5): 14-20.
  Sheldon, J. K.
1999 "Protecting a Fragile Paradise." Target Earth, 3(2):6-7.
  Sheldon, J. K., C. A. Harrington, L. S. Edwards, & P. L. Swartzentruber.
1999 A survey of the seasonal and spatial distribution of the Orthoptera: Acrididae, Tetrigidae, and Tridactylidae of Goat Hill and Nottingham serpentine barrens, Chester County, Pennsylvania with a note on Acrididae from Pink Hill Barren. Journal of the Pennsylvania Academy of Sciences, 73(2): 51-56.
  Sider, E. Morris
APR, 1998 "The Brethren in Christ and Culture: Changes and Dilemmas." Brethren in Christ History and Life, XXI(1): 16-24.
  Stanley, John E.
Winter 2000 "Exegesis of Psalm 147:1-1, 20c," and Sermon, "What the Lord Values More than the Feats of Michael Jordan or Mia Hamm." Biblical Preaching Journal, 13(1): 14-15, 21.
Fall 1998 "Two Futures-Jürgen Moltmann's Eschatology and Revelation's Apocalyptic." The Asbury Theological Journal, 53(2): 337-348.
Winter 1998 "Exegesis of Psalm 36:5-10," and Sermon, "An Island of Light Amid the Darkness of Evil." Biblical Preaching Journal, 11(1): 8-10.
  Stanley, John E. & Susie C. Stanley
FEB, 2000 "Theological Themes 1-Mark 1:29-39: Authoritative Power Used in Service," "Theological Themes 1-Mark 1:40-45: Healing for Everyone," "Theological Themes 1-Mark 2:1-12, "The Possibility of the Miraculous," and "Theological Themes 3-Mark 2:13-22," "Living Tradition Versus Dead Traditionalism.." Lectionary Homiletics 11,(3): 3, 11, 18, 26-27.
  Thuma, P. E., G. Biemba, D. Dolmans, & et al.
JAN, 2000 "Severe Anaemia in Zambian Children with Plasmodium Falciparum Malaria." Trop Med Int Health, 5(1): 9-16.
  Thuma, P. E., G. Biemba, V. R. Gordeuk & et al.
JAN, 1998 "Prolonged Macrophage Activation and Persistent Anaemia in Children with Complicated Malaria." Trop Med Int Health, 3(1): 60-65.
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  Thuma, P. E., G. F. Mabeza G. Biemba, A. G. Brennan, V. M. Moyo, & V. R. Gordeuk
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  Thuma, P. E., G. Weiss, G. Biemba & et al.
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  Thuma, P. E. , M. van der Torn G. F. Mabeza & et al.
MAY - JUN, 1998 "Loading Dose of Quinine in African Children with Cerebral Malaria." Trans R Soc Trop Med Hyg, 92 (3):325-31.
  Weaver-Zercher, David L.
APR, 1998 "A Novel Conversion: The Fleeting Life of Amish Soldier." Mennonite Quarterly Review, 72(2): 141-159.
1999 " The Gifts of Shalom." Shalom: A Journal for the Practice of Reconciliation, 19(4): 3-4.
1999 "Open (to) Arms: The Status of the Peace Position in the Brethren in Christ Church." Brethren in Christ History and Life, 22(1): 90-115.
1999 "Putting the Amish to Work: Mennonites and the Amish Culture Market, 1950-1975." Church History, 68(1): 87-117.

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