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Update - May 24, 2013

Messiah College’s Education Abroad programs will be adjusting their current model in the upcoming years as it looks to sustain viable programming within specific financial parameters.  International Programs staff will be working closely and diligently with faculty and other campus administrators to develop new parameters and strategies to ensure that these changes have as little impact on student’s abilities to study abroad as possible.  Any changes will be implemented beginning with the Fall 2014 semester.  As soon as the new parameters are established, we will be sure those are clearly communicated to students and advisors so academic planning can commence accordingly.

With this in mind, please know that:


  • Messiah College’s commitment to providing students with global engagement opportunities has not changed, and in fact the College is looking at strategic and innovative ways to broaden these opportunities.  We continue to be deeply committed to offering these transformative experiences to our students in a financially sustainable, and cost affordable, way.
  • These changes will not impact any student who is slated to study off campus Fall 2013 and should have minimal impact on students who are planning to study abroad Spring 2014.
  • The support and services the Intercultural Office provides to study abroad students (such as advising, orientation, reentry programming, passport services, coordination with campus offices, etc.) will continue as always. 


Please feel free to contact us Faith Minnich, Director of International Programs, or Wendy Lippert, Assistant Director of International Programs, or at 717.776.2511 X 2131 if you have questions.


What opportunities are available for off-campus study?
Messiah College offers more than 40 off-campus, study options in over 40 countries, including study abroad, cross cultural-courses, exchange programs, internships, service / missions, and the Philadelphia Campus. A complete listing of opportunities is available in the Intercultural Office or by browsing the Education Abroad and International Programs web page.


Middle East Studies Program

When should students begin to explore options for off-campus study?
NOW! It is imperative that students begin exploring options as early as possible. Students need to plan carefully–with your guidance--courses that they will be taking both on and off campus and to discern which semester or semesters will be best for them to participate.

What is the cost?

The pricing structure for off-campus programs is currently under review. Please see the update above for the most recent information.

Semester-Long Programs: For fall 2013 and spring 2014 program costs are based on what students pay to study in Grantham; some programs includes additional fees. This includes the cost of round-trip international airfare!


Scholarships: Messiah College allows students to apply two semesters of financial aid to participate in Messiah-approved study programs. Addtionally, students can apply for outside scholarships as well.


Three-Credit, Cross-Cultural Courses: There are additional costs for three-credit, January-Term or May-Term cross cultural courses. Students pay travel costs in addition to tuition. Travel costs range anywhere from $3,200 to approximately $5,000.


Can I fulfill my cross-cultural requirement by studying off campus?

Students can fulfill this requirement by:

  • participating in any January- or May-term, cross-cultural course. Upon successful completion of the course students will receive three credits.
  • participating in any Messiah-approved, semester-long international program. Student will not receive three credits, rather they will receive a cross-cultural waiver meaning the requirement is fulfilled.


Can I take a class during J-term or May-term when I plan to study off-campus for the semester?

Please read the policy for taking January Term or May Term Courses While Participating in Semester-Long Programs if you are considering taking a class in January or May during a semester that you are participating in a semester-long program. Note: there are additional fees involved.


Can students still graduate on time if they study off-campus?
Yes, the key is to start early! Visit the Intercultural Office to explore your options. Students need to meet with you to determine which programs and courses will be compatible with your field of study. Students should apply up to a year in advance.


Do students need to know another language?
Sometimes you do: Programs in Chile, Costa Rica, France, Germany, and Spain require that students complete college-level, language courses before they participate.
Most of the time you do not: All other programs are either taught in English or include language training as part of the program.


Where do students go to get information?
The Messiah College Intercultural Office provides a place for students to explore options for off-campus study. It is located in the Larsen Student Union (second floor). The office is open weekdays from 8 a.m. to noon and from 1 to 5 p.m. Students can begin their search by browsing the Education Abroad and International Programs web page.


How do I begin my application to study abroad?

Login to the Terra Dotta online application system and click on LOGIN/REGISTER in the upper right corner.




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