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Grades: City University: Athens


  • Students who study with any of Messiah's approved off campus study programs will receive letter grades for their academic courses.

  • The same pass/fail policy applies for students who are studying off campus as for those who are studying in Grantham (see policy outlined below).

  • The following conversion is used to assign grades for coursework completed at City University - Athens:



Letter Grade

95.00 - 100


91.25 – 94.99


87.50 – 91.24


83.75 – 87.49


80.00 – 83.74


76.25 – 79.99


73.75– 76.24


70.00 – 73.74


66.25 – 69.99


57.50 – 66.24


57.49 – below




Pass/Fail Option
During their college careers, students may take a maximum of four courses on a pass/fail (P/F) basis with these conditions:


  • Such a course must be from a discipline other than those required for the student's major or minor.
  • Courses fulfilling requirements for a major, minor, or general education may not be used.
  • Students may declare their intention to take a course under the Pass/Fail option when they register or through the first calendar week of classes at the beginning of the new term. Students may also select to return to the letter grade system during this same time period. The selection cannot be changed after the first calendar week of classes.
  • The cut-off point to obtain a P is C–.
  • The instructor will submit only conventional letter grades to the Registrar's Office. This office will then convert the grade to P or F. (An instructor does not know which students are taking a course on a pass/fail basis.



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