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Accepted Student Resources

Congratulations on your acceptance to a cross-cultural course!

To secure your spot on this course, you are required to immediately complete the bottom portion of the Acceptance Notification letter you received from your faculty leader and take it to the Business Office counter located on the first floor of Old Main to place a $200 non-refundable deposit within 10 days of your initial notification of acceptance to a course

Please carefully review the following important information:

Academic Information

  1. This is a three (3) credit course and will count as three (3) credits of your spring semester load.
  2. This course will satisfy one of your General Education cross-cultural/language requirements.
  3. You will register for this course during your normal spring semester registration period.


Financial nformation

  1. The course fee for this cross-cultural course is indicated in your Acceptance Notification Letter.  (Due to the variability of international currency, please note that final course fees will be published in the fall.)
  2. Cross-cultural course fees will be included as part of regular spring semester billing and will be assessed to your Messiah account. (If you are a part-time student, you will be billed for three credit hours of tuition in addition to the course fee.)
  3. Your financial aid will apply to this course.  Be sure to include the cost of this course in your FAFSA application for the upcoming academic year.  (Individual student or group fund-raising is not permitted.)
  4. Students are also eligible for the following rebates:
    1. Student living on-campus will receive a $200 housing rebate.
    2. Students with an ultra (unlimited) meal plan will receive a $300 board rebate.
  5. Following is the refund policy for cross-cultural courses:
    1. The initial $200 deposit is non-refundable.
    2. Because payments on your behalf are typically made months in advance to travel agencies, airline companies, and assorted accommodations, many payments are non-refundable.  Therefore, if you withdraw from participation in the trip for any reason or are removed from participation by the College after September 15th, you will be billed for any non-recoverable or non-transferable expenses incurred on your behalf.  The exact amount of recovered monies can generally not be established until the trip has been completed.

         c. NOTE:  Students who attend classes, or who are otherwise on campus, for both January

            and May terms are not eligible for the above housing and board rebates. 

            (See College Catalog, p. 45)


    Your cross-cultural faculty leader will be in touch with further course-specific information!

    Any questions about the above can be directed to Faith Minnich, Assistant Director of International Programs at x7373 or, or the EpiCenter at x6719 or

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