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Oregon Extension

Each fall, the Oregon Extension welcomes 20-25 students to a rustic setting in the Cascade Mountains, where serious students can ask their deepest questions, read gripping and challenging books, wrestle with profound ideas in writing, and converse honestly and animatedly with fellow students and four faculty. Three-week classes allow students to focus on one subject at a time. With 3 or 4 cabin-mates, students buy and cook their own meals.


  • Juniors and seniors, will consider some sophomores
  • 3.0 GPA or higher


  • Courses may meet some general education or major requirements.
  • Courses taken will appear on Messiah transcripts with letter grades.
  • Participation in this program does not meet cross-cultural requirements. 

Costs: 2014

Messiah tuition and room
Fee covers:

  • tuition, housing
  • educational excursions
  • pre-departure, and re-entry orientation


  • Meals are not included. 
  • Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from Oregon. 


Messiah Pre-Approval Deadlines

Fall 2015 - December 1, 2014


Oregon Extension Deadlines

May 1




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“I asked questions and discussed topics that I have always thought about, but been afraid to discuss. I realized those thoughts are good and can deepen my faith.”

-- Eileen Elliot

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