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U.S. State Department provides links to important services to United States citizens living and traveling abroad, including some important emergency information. It includes a list of hospitals in a number or countries, information on lost or stolen passport and information in case of general emergency.
Great maps, helpful data about the economy, geography, government, and people of each country are just a few of the reasons you should stop at the CIA World Factbook web site.
CNN put together a one-stop travel shop on their Web site that provides information on virtually all aspects of travel. Magazines, maps, health information, as well as a nice hostelling guide can be found at this site. And for your shopping enjoyment, CNN presents a "Guide to International Clothing and Shoe Sizes!"
Need a Visa or need to contact an embassy while abroad? The site boasts a search engine which will lead you to embassy's and consulates around the world.
Do you know what documents you need to enter the country you plan to visit? This Department of State web site will help you find the answer.
Easily search for 10,000 hostels around the world  Site allows you to read reviews of guests who have visited the hostels.
Making international phone calls does not have to be hassle. This WEB site provides the International Direct Dialing and Country and City Codes for countries around the world.
International Student/Teacher/Youth Identity Cards, sponsored by the Council for International Education Exchange, provide travelers with supplemental health insurance. It also serves as a recognized source of identification and gives the holder access to a number of travel discounts. International Student/Teacher Identity Cards are available in the EpiCenter.
View articles from Transitions Abroad," a magazine that focuses on study and work opportunities abroad
Not sure if you need a VISA or what you need to apply? This informative site provides links to information about VISA requirements for countries around the world.
Probably one of the most comprehensive travel sites on the WEB. Travlang features links to discover international dialing codes, how to map a route to anywhere in the United States, weather information, and currency exchange rates. This site is also home to on-line translation dictionaries and WEB language lessons. You can even take a quiz to test your basic language proficiency.
This resource from the State Department provides information and data about nations around the world. Learn about history, government, and economy, as well as information about geography and population. This is a nice compliment to State Department Travel Advisories and Consular Information Sheets.
The State Department has made applying for important travel documents a little easier. This site boasts a passport application that can be downloaded, a list of passport offices, as well as information on where to get a birth certificate, and instructions on how to get a copy of your passport records.
The US State Department offers students a wealth of information about travel outside of the United States, such as "How Consular Officers Can Help In An Emergency" and "Information for American Citizens Abroad." It also includes links to a number of helpful travel-related web sites as well.
This State Department site provides government data about countries around the world. Consular Information Sheets include such information as location of the U.S. Embassy or Consulate, unusual immigration practices, health conditions, minor political disturbances, unusual currency and entry regulations, crime and security information, and drug penalties. Also, you can discover information about countries for which our government has issued travel advisories.
This site provides information about student and visitor Visas and attempts to answer travelers' frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not addressed, that's okay. The site has an e-mail link that allows browsers to send questions directly to the State Department.
WorldWide Classroom's Travel Planner offers articles and editorials on a variety of topics, including culture shock, customs, medical care, and money. A nice section on packing provides information about planning your wardrobe, things to think about before packing, and suggestions on what to pack.
Students looking for an inexpensive way to travel while studying abroad have discovered that hostels can be a money saver. This guide, sponsored by the folks who publish The Hostels Handbook, provides the names, addresses, and phone numbers of hostels in 100 regions throughout the world. It is a bit cumbersome to read—the entries appear in a long list—but the information is helpful.

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