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Parents' Connection

"Mom, Dad, I am going to study in Uganda!"

Sound familiar? You have just adjusted to having your son or daughter away at college when you learn the commute will take a bit longer.

Understanding you may have some questions and concerns about this exciting educational opportunity, Messiah College has developed this web site to help you prepare for this adventure. As your son or daughter discovers a whole new world, so will you!

I hope this is helpful and informative.

Wendy Lippert
Director, EpiCenter

How will this experience help my son or daughter?
Studies show that international education helps students to grow in four areas:
Personal development
Intercultural competencies
Career development

Check out Stories from Abroad to read how students were impacted by their experiences.

What are the financial implications?
Messiah works hard to keep costs in line with what students pay to study at Messiah. Students typically pay

  1. Messiah tuition
  2. Messiah housing
  3. A full meal plan
  4. Some programs have an off campus study fee.

Student do not have to pay the Student Services fee and In most cases Messiah pays international flights. Follow this link to learn more about the financial implications of studying off campus.

Are there scholarships available?
All state and federal grants and loans as well as all Messiah grants will apply when students study with Messiah-approved off campus study programs. Moreover, there are some additional scholarships available for students who study abroad. The deadlines are early and the paperwork can be a bit lengthy, so students are encouraged to start early. Follow this link to a listing of some scholarships for which some Messiah students have applied.
How does Messiah prepare students to study abroad?

The EpiCenter has designed a Four Year Plan that outlines steps students should be taking to prepare (from the time they arrive on campus) for a semester off campus. You may want to read through this so you know the steps your son or daughter is taking to prepare for his/her experience.

Students applying to or are accepted to study abroad are required to attend pre-departure orientation sessions designed to prepare them for their international experiences. These session include:

  1. Growing Your Faith While Studying Abroad
  2. Cross-Cultural Adjustment and Communication
How does Messiah monitor safety?
Messiah takes the safety of our students studying abroad very seriously. Let me share just a few of the ways we monitor safety.

  1. Program approval - all programs go through an approval process that explores a number of issues, including safety. One of the criteria to approve programs is: Will the students be in a safe learning environment?
  2. Daily monitoring - The study abroad professionals on campus monitor safety daily, including scanning daily news,receiving announcements from the State Department, and registering with the Overseas Security Advisor Council.
  3. Orientation - One of the mandatory orientation sessions deals specifically with safety. Students watch a video developed by the U.S. State Department and are encourage to do as much reading as possible about their location.
  4. International Risk Management Team - The team--comprised of senior college administrators--meets each semester to review safety in all locations where students are studying. Additionally, periodic meeting are convened if specific concerns arise.
Course equivalencies
All students are required to complete an Off Campus Study Course Approval Form BEORE THEY LEAVE to study abroad. This form allows them to list courses that they plan to take and to obtain college approval for courses that they wish to meet specific requirements.
  1. All courses taken off campus come back with a letter grade.
  2. Our program providers inform students of grade conversion scales; Messiah is working to include these on our web page. Please check individual program pages to see if the scale is currently listed for your son's or daughter's program.
  3. It typically takes AT LEAST two months for grades to appear on transcripts.
What are the College's expectations of my son or daughter while studying off campus?
All students sign a Study Abroad Contract (for international programs) or an Off-Campus Study Contract (for domestic programs). These documents outline Messiah College's expectations of our students and what students can expect from Messiah.

I have tried to anticipate the most frequently asked questions. However, I may not have answered yours. Feel free to contact the EpiCenter for questions or suggestions.

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