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Travel Info: Transportation

From Washington, D.C. to London, England this handy web site provides a rolling weather report to round out a helpful web site designed to put travel-related information at your fingertips. The site provides toll-free numbers to a variety of airlines, advisories to travel delays--straight from the Air Traffic Control System Command Center, and some interesting travel-related stories.
Don't miss out on some exiting touring opportunities while you are studying abroad. Eurailpasses are an economical way to travel while you are visiting Europe. This site allows you to compare these railway options: Eurailpasses, Europass, Britrail, France Rail, German Rail, Europe East, and of course, conventional point to point tickets.
Get ready to take your driver's test all over again. If you are planning to drive while visiting or studying in Europe, browse this site to learn about some general traffics rules, signs, and warnings. Some parts of this site are a bit hard to follow, but it is still worth visiting.
A one page guide to common concerns when flying. This site covers topics such as air sickness, food, and jet lag. It is simple; there are few links; but it offers a few tips that will be helpful, especially for the novice.
Need directions to the airport? Trip Quest will give you detailed directions to thousands of locations in the United States by simply entering your starting point and destination. This interactive site can pinpoint your destination on a map of the country, state, or city.
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