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Travel Info: Weather

The National Weather Service provides WEB surfers with comprehensive weather reports in either text or graphic versions, catering to your time schedule. Even the graphic-intensive pages down-load fairly quickly. This site includes national, regional, state, and local weather news and has an interactive map to look at weather around the world. The Service highlights current weather warnings and answers frequently asked questions.
If you just want to know if it going to rain, there probably are better Web sites, and they will definitely be quicker! But, for full satellite weather pictures from around the world, try NBC's Intellicast.
You don't have to turn on your television to check out The Weather Channel. The channel's web version offers even more, including a special sections for travelers. Discover flight arrival times, personal safety tips, and access numbers for calls from abroad. And of course, it will also give you the weather.
Would you like to know how hot it is in Africa? Are you interested in whether it is raining in England? The USA Today Weather Page lists meteorological information and provides five-day forecasts for cities around the world.
Discover the year-round weather patterns for locations around the globe, from Aberdeen, Scotland to Zurich, Switzerland. This easy to use guide will help you know how to pack for a trip abroad by highlighting average temperatures and precipitation for each month of the year.

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