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Understanding Your Messiah Bill for Semester-Long Programs for 2013-2014 academic year.




Your bill will look a bit differently when you study off campus for a semester. There will be one comprehensive fee listed on your bill that is associated with your experience; this fee is listed on the program information sheet for each program on the semester-long programs link. For your comparision, a typically semester in Grantham for 2013-2014 is $19,655. Please note:


  • There are no additional fees on your bill for your international portion of your airfare or for the program-sponsored educational excursions included in your program; students are responsible for course fees as they would be if they were studying in Grantham and will be added separately on students' bills.


  • All of Messiah institutional and governmental financial aid will apply.


We want to be good stewards of your money, to connect you with quality programs, and to provide support before, during, and after your experience (such as student advising, pre-departure orientation, re-entry programming, and international risk management). Even though your tuition money goes to our off-campus program partners, Messiah continues to offer you support (through offices such as the Intercultural Office, Registrar’s Office, Housing Office, Safety, to name a few), preparing for your seamless transition back to Grantham.


Messiah has had a long-standing commitment to offer affordable off-campus and study abroad programs. Your bill reflects this commitment. 



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