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Core Overview (PowerPoint)
Course Objectives
Structural Parameters
Course Syllabus
Creation Unit
  Study Guide/Instructional Goals
  Creation Project Grading Guidelines (PDF)
Community Unit
  Study Guide for Community Unit
  Persuasive Essay
  Rubric for Grading
Vocation Unit
  Study Guide/Instructional Goals
  Faith Journey Narrative
  Grading Rubric for Faith Journey

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Course Objectives


  1. Understanding the mission and Confession of Faith of Messiah College.
  2. Exploring the biblical and theological implications of the Old Testament emphasis of being created in the image of God and the New Testament emphasis on becoming a new creation.
  3. Understanding the defining characteristics of different kinds of communities, including those that are faith-based, academic, national, international, ethnic, inter-ethnic, and professional.
  4. Developing a working definition of Christian Vocation as it relates to reconciliation, service, and leadership.

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