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One-Week Intensive Courses


In the Graduate Counseling Program, there are two courses that must be taken as one-week intensive courses.  The courses are taught on Messiah College's campus in Grantham, PA. Classes will begin on Monday and run through Friday. Classes will typically meet approximately eight hours per day with a mixture of lecture, discussion, group work, videos, and applied exercises. In addition, you will need to work alone and/or in groups in the evenings to prepare for class the next day. You will also need to do reading and assignments before and after the one-week intensive class at Messiah.


Dates of Intensives:


COUN 501 Professional Issues and Ethics for Counselors


Class:  Monday, July 29-Friday, August 2, 2013

Class:  Monday, January 6-Friday January 10, 2014

Class:  Monday, July 28- Friday, August 1, 2014

Class:  Monday, January 5- Friday, January 9, 2015


COUN 540 Counseling Techniques


Class: Monday, July 29-Friday, August 2, 2013

Class:  Monday, January 6-Friday January 10, 2014

Class:  Monday, July 28- Friday, August 1, 2014

Class:  Monday, January 5- Friday, January 9, 2015



On campus housing is available for graduate students during the one-week courses that take place in the summer. For rates and reservations please refer to this application. For more information, please contact 


There is no on-campus housing available during the January intensive course. However, there are numerous off-campus lodging options nearby, many which offer discounts to Messiah College students and their families.  Please view our local lodging guide.  



Graduate students may obtain a commuter student parking permit free of charge. In order to obtain the permit, students need to register their vehicles at the

Department of Safety Office located in the Greenbriar Building (#24 on the campus parking map), open between 8:00AM-3:00PM. Students should be sure to inform the Department of Safety staff that they are graduate students. Once the paperwork is complete, they will be issued a commuter parking permit and be able to park in the Starry Field Parking Lot, designated in yellow at the bottom right corner of the campus parking map. After 5:00PM, students with commuter permits may park in the lot around Murray Library (#26 on the campus parking map), but must remove their vehicles from this area by the time the library closes in the evening. Commuter parking permits are valid from July 1 - June 30.

Graduate students attending intensive summer courses are permitted to park on campus without obtaining a parking sticker/hang tag. Students should not park in designated employee parking areas or in areas specifically marked for service vehicles. Students may park behind Boyer Hall, in the spaces running parallel to the railroad tracks, or in the Starry Field Parking Lot. These areas are designated in yellow on the summer campus parking map. Graduate students attending the one-week intensive courses in January must obtain a parking permit as described above.


Students who want to obtain a parking pass should visit the Department of Safety Office located in the Greenbriar Building (#34 on the campus parking map). Hours are from 8am-3pm.


Any questions concerning parking can be directed to Steve Smith at or 717-691-6005 etc. 6753.



Messiah’s campus offers a variety of dining options ranging from a full dining room to more informal snack shop and café venues. Students may use cash, credit, or falcon dollars to buy meals at these locations. 



The two courses that are offered in this format are:


COUN 501 Professional Issues and Ethics for Counselors (3)
This course provides students with an understanding of the history and philosophy of the counseling profession, professional roles and functions, ethical and legal considerations, and professional organizations and credentialing. Current issues within the professional counseling field will provide a context for exploring ethical and professional orientation. An emphasis will be placed on multicultural and self-care issues as related to ethical decision making. Students will demonstrate knowledge of and ability to apply the following ethical codes: ACA, ASCA, AAMFT, and the Pennsylvania Code of Professional Practice and Conduct for Educators.  Students will also be introduced to various basic crisis response skills within the realm of professional counseling practice.


COUN 540 Counseling Techniques (3)
This course offers the student an opportunity to both investigate and practice some of the basic counseling techniques used by professional counselors. The purpose of the course is to provide students with supervised practice in several different types of counseling techniques in an effort to increase the student’s skill and insight (e.g., Socratic questioning, Solution-focused interviewing, Empty Chair Technique, Family sculpting, WDEP, Systematic desensitization, etc.). Instruction will be both didactic and experiential. Students will begin to develop an understanding of the relationship between the particular techniques chosen by professional counselors and the problems presented by clients. Students will begin to develop a system of conceptualization that fosters an understanding of the client as a whole; his/her presenting problem(s) and a way to approach the problem(s) from a particular theoretical orientation.  Prerequisites: COUN 501; COUN507, COUN508 or COUN509; and COUN 520.



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