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Internship Forms - School Counseling




Student Forms:


The following forms are required of the student throughout the internship experience.

*Please be sure to view this Due-Date List, so that you are aware of the due dates for each form.


  • Counseling Internship Checklist for Students—This checklist details all the pre-requisites for students pursuing registration in a counseling internship. Completion of all parts of this checklist is necessary before students may be registered for (and therefore begin) their internship.
  • Internship Pre-Registration Form—Upload this completed form to your e-portfolio and email it to the program's administrative assistant.
  • School Counseling Internship Handbook - Students are required to read the internship handbook before they may begin their internship experience.
  • Checklist for Potential Supervisors—Once you have located an appropriate site and Site Supervisor, complete this form and upload it and your supervisor's resume to your e-portfolio. Email both the checklist and resume to the program's administrative assistant. Your Site Supervisor must be approved before you can enter into a contract with the site/Site Supervisor. You will be notified when your Site Supervisor has been approved.
  • Internship Contract—This contract between the student, Site Supervisor, and Practicum and Internship Coordinator represents the agreements of each to appropriately participate in the internship experience and must be signed and uploaded to your e-portfolio prior to registration.
  • Recording Consent Form —This form must be completed before any sessions can be recorded. (Spanish version available)
  • Weekly Summary Log -- The intern should also fill out this form to record the amount of time spent in specific experiences.
  • Semester Summary Log --Please use your weekly logs to complete this summary of your total on-site hours.  This form is to be uploaded to your e-portfolio no later than the last day of the scheduled term.





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