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E Portfolio

Note: The e-portfolio is a cloud-based system controlled by Google.  On March 1, 2012, Google updated their Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.  For more information about these policy updates, please see this webpage:  If you prefer to submit your forms via an alternate avenue, please notify the Practicum and Internship Coordinator and other arrangements can be made.


How to Set Up Your E Portfolio


Students: Please notify Emily Warari, the program's Administrative Assistant, when you have:

  • Uploaded all documents needed to begin a practicum or internship
  • Uploaded a Pre-Registration form for a practicum or internship


How to Back Up Your E Portfolio

The e-portfolio will also serve as an invaluable tool for the academic advisor and the Counseling Program members as they seek to assess your developmental progress and academic accomplishments.


A portfolio is a representation of you and your accomplishments as a counselor in training.  Consequently, regular and careful updating is recommended.


Completion of an e-portfolio is a requirement of the Counseling Program for graduation from Messiah College.  What follows is a list of items typically placed in a professional portfolio.  Items 1-5 are required; those in 6-10 are recommended.


Many of the items needed for the e-portfolio require signatures. For these signatures, we accept faxed, scanned, original, or electronic signatures. If the site supervisor chooses to use an electronic signature, we require that he or she also email the form directly to the Practicum and Internship Coordinator.



  1. A syllabus from each course

  2. Practicum and internship documents, as outlined in the Counseling Program’s e-portfolio template

  3. A reflection on the student’s perceived strengths and weaknesses of him/herself as a counselor during the program, focusing specifically on the program’s four critical competencies and any other competencies that the student believes are critical for a professional counselor (300-500 words before the first field experience)

  4. Proof of conference attendance (before 2nd internship)
  5. MMPI 2 verification form

  6. Final Internship Reflection paper


  7. Examples of class work (e.g., Group plans from COUN 532; Guidance  Lessons from COUN 526; Research Proposal from COUN 545; other papers and projects as appropriate)

  8. Examples of professional recognition/awards, scholarships, publications, and/or presentations

  9. Professional activities undertaken as a graduate student including work on grants, research, participation in presentation or article writing

  10. Professional memberships (including leadership positions) and conferences attended

  11. The student's resume
  12. The student's admission application essays


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