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Graduate Programs : Higher Education



What are the admissions requirements? Students walking among cherry blossoms.

Admissions requirements can be found on our Admission Information page


When/how will I be notified of my acceptance into the program?

Once your file is complete, your application will be reviewed.  If an interview is warranted, you will be contacted for scheduling purposes. Once an admission decision has been made, you will be notified in writing.


What is the cost of the program?

Please visit our tuition and fees page for more details.


Is financial aid available for graduate students at Messiah?

Yes, in addition to the deferred billing for employer reimbursement option, there are two federal loan programs available through our Financial Aid Office.

May I transfer course credits into Messiah’s graduate program?

Yes, up to 30 percent of the total number of credits required for the degree may be accepted as transfer credits provided that:

  • The credits were taken at a regionally accredited college or university;

  • The credits were completed at the graduate level;

  • A minimum grade of a B was earned for each course;

  • The credits were taken within the last seven years; and

  • The credits are not among those that must be taken at Messiah College.

Refer to the transfer credit policy for more information.

Who teaches Messiah’s graduate programs?

All of the courses, whether online or in the classroom, are taught by accomplished and committed faculty. Our professors have extensive professional and leadership experience in higher education, in academic institutions, in professional associations, and as consultants. Messiah’s faculty will encourage and mentor you to consider your own faith, the faith of others, and the relationship faith and educational practice. Visit our faculty profile page to learn more about our graduate professors.


What will the intensive one-week courses be like?

Classes will typically meet approximately eight hours per day with a mixture of lecture, discussion, group work, videos, and applied exercises. In addition, students will need to work alone and/or in groups in the evenings to prepare for class the next day. Students will also need to do reading and assignments before and after the one-week intensive class at Messiah. Refer to the one-week intensive page on our website for more information.


Is housing available for students during the intensive one-week summer classes?  Is there free parking on campus?  Places to eat?

Please visit our one-week intensive course page for more information.  On campus housing and meal plans are available for purchase.  Students attending intensive courses are permitted to park on campus without a parking hang tag.



What are the online courses like?

Messiah's online courses are conducted as a personal, interactive learning community. Interaction among students and faculty is foundational to all courses taken at Messiah, and communication and facilitation of class assignments between you, the professor, and other students will take place through an online learning management system (LMS) called Sakai.


Specific procedures will vary depending on the individual course, and will be communicated to you and your classmates by the faculty member facilitating the online course. For example, some classes may require you to engage in synchronous (live) online communication for the course, but this would be outlined in advance in the course syllabus. The method of delivering tests and exams will vary from course to course, but many will be administered electronically through Sakai. Online courses will have the same letter grading scale as traditional classroom courses; and the specific grading criteria for each course will be outlined in the course syllabus.


Visit our demonstration of the Sakai online classroom.