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College Honors Program

Honors Congress:  Instructions for Reporting Honors Congress




Reporting Honors Congress is on the "honor" system.  Please accurately record only those events which you have attended.



To record attendance at an Honors Congress event:


  1. Log into MCSquare and go to Self Service Main Menu.   
  2. Under the Student tab, there will be a list of Student Services.  Click on "Student Records."   
  3. Choose "Honors Congress Attendance."
  4. Select the current semester in the drop-down menu.  This link will bring you to the list of all current Honors Congress events.  The number of Congress semesters you have completed will appear at the top of the page.
  5. Boxes appear to the left of each event.  Click on the box for each event you attended.  Please note that boxes only become live once the event has passed.  You will not be able to check off future events. 
  6. Click "Submit" button.


Attendance may be recorded at any point during the semester after the event has passed, but all of the attended events must be recorded by the end of the semester.  Once the semester is over, students will not be able to record attendance at past semesters' events.