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College Honors Program

Frequently Asked Questions




Do students in the College Honors Program have an extra layer of requirements?

No, the College Honors Program curricular requirements are intentionally imbedded within the college’s general education curriculum.    Please see our Program Requirements page for more information about the CHP requirements.



My major has very specific and rigorous requirements.  Will I still be able to meet the College Honors Program requirements?

Yes, our participants represent each of the four schools, and can come from any major.   For example, many students in majors such as education, nursing, and engineering have successfully completed the Program. 



I have a lot of different interests.  Will I have time for extra-curricular activities if I'm in the CHP?

Yes!  Our participants are involved in all aspects of campus life including intercollegiate and intramural sports, officers in student government, radio DJs, theater productions, service groups, campus newspaper, residence life staff, musical groups -- the possibilities are endless!



Will I be able to study abroad if I’m in the Honors Program?

Absolutely!  We encourage our students to take advantage of the many study abroad opportunities Messiah College offers.  Many, if not most, of our CHP participants spend at least one semester studying off campus.



Honors students at Machu Picchu in Peru

Can I get Honors ID credit for a class I take abroad?

With the exception of specially offered May term or J-term Honors trips (to Peru & Bolivia, pictured at right, Malaysia & Borneo, or New Zealand), only Honors classes taken at the Grantham campus can meet your Honors ID requirement.



Is it possible to graduate early if I’m a participant in the College Honors Program?

Yes.  With careful planning, and depending on your major’s requirements, it is possible to graduate one or even two semesters early.