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National Scholarship Competitions

Welcome to the National Scholarship Competitions site


If you are interested in attending graduate school and have an exceptional undergraduate record both inside and outside of the classroom (a lofty g.p.a. is not enough), you may want to consider applying for one of the following national scholarships. Although these are among the most lucrative and prestigious fellowships available to American undergraduates, Messiah students can be competitive. Our graduates have become Rhodes, Fulbright, Carnegie, and Truman scholars and on several occasions have been finalists for the Rhodes and Marshall awards.


The time commitment involved is substantial, perhaps fifty or more hours per application, but the reward may be equally large. At the very least, you will be forced to consider your motivations and objectives for graduate education, and you will further cultivate the written and verbal presentation skills required for admission to the best graduate programs.


News update:

Jeffrey Stiles, sophomore Politics major, wins Boren scholarship to China. Jeffrey will spend 2014-15 doing Chinese language study as well as taking courses in politics and economics at the Shanghai International Studies University.






Seniors, all disciplines

Full tuition plus stipend for living expenses at Oxford University


Seniors, all disciplines

Full tuition plus stipend for living expenses at any UK university


Seniors, all disciplines; some opportunity for teaching ESL

Varies…tuition plus stipend and travel at universities worldwide


Seniors, all disciplines

Full tuition plus stipend for living expenses at Cambridge University


Juniors committed to careers in public service, including government

$3,000 for senior year, a further $27,000 for graduate school, including law school


Seniors intending to teach US history, government, social studies in grades 7-12

$24,000 for an M.A. program in US history or Politics


Seniors, all disciplines

Full tuition, room & board, plus stipend at any university in Ireland or Northern Ireland


Juniors and seniors, all disciplines. Must be proficient in language of host country

$11,000 - $23,000 per year for degree oriented study in another country


Sophomores (usually), all disciplines

Up to $20,000 for language study in countries deemed to be of national security importance to the US

Carnegie Junior Fellowship Seniors, especially Politics, Economics or History majors

$36,000, full benefits




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