FORGING A CONSTITUTION... (Scroll down to see complete Constitution)

The first official Messiah College History Club Constitution was formally "forged" in December of 2002 by a distinguished committee made up of Megan Giordano (Co-president), Nathan Tillman, Jeffrey Erbig, Myron Sauder, and Kelsey Spencer.

        The "Constitutional Convention" at work!? (December 2002)

The Connecticut Compromise? or "Rock, Paper, Scissors?"  

The "Erbig-Tillman" Agreement


Article 1:  Name and Theme Verse
I. Name

II. Theme verse:
“For enquire, I pray thee, of the former age, and prepare thyself to the search of their fathers: (For we are but of yesterday, and know nothing, because our days upon earth are a shadow), shall not they teach thee, and tell thee, and utter words out of their heart?”
--Job 8:8-10

Article 2:  Purpose and Goal
I. The purposes of this organization shall be to
    A. Raise the levels of historical awareness on the Messiah College campus.
    B. Encourage scholarship and continued study in the field of history.
    C. Ask what it means to be both a Christian and a historian.
    D. Cultivate an enjoyment of the past among the students both in and outside of the history
    E. Build community within the history department, particularly between students and faculty.

II. The goals/objectives of this organization shall be to
    A. Explore the diverse historical sites, parks, battlefields and museums surrounding Messiah
    B. Host guest lectures.
    C. Evaluate and discuss the historical accuracy and meaning of historical films and
    D. Provide students with valuable resources, advice and information on graduate programs.
    E. Promote fellowship among students who share similar interests, goals, and passions
        about history.

Article 3:  Members
I. Any student or other interested person may become a member.

II. Types of Memberships:  Two Levels.
    A. Core (active) members
        1. Consistently attend club meetings and events.
        2. Have first priority in limited-space activities.
        3. Can be nominated for leadership roles within the club.
        4. Can vote for ratification of club officers.
    B. Peripheral (inactive) members
        1. Have their names on the roster of the club.
        2. Do not consistently attend club meetings and events.
        3. Cannot vote for ratification of club officers.
        4. Will be considered peripheral until they have achieved Core Membership status as
            outlined below.

III. Requirements for Core Membership:
    A. To attend at least two meetings each semester.
    B. To attend at least one field trip, movie, or other event each semester.

Article 4:  Officers
I. The club shall have the following officers:  two Co-Presidents and one Secretary/Treasurer.  The collective duties of this governing body shall be to
    A. Represent the club to the faculty, campus, and community.
    B. Administer, enforce, and uphold this venerable constitution.
    C. Meet monthly with the faculty advisor to discuss upcoming events.

II. The duties of the Co-Presidents shall be to
    A. Plan, announce, and direct all regular club meetings and events.
        1. Reserve the room and/or transportation needed.
        2. Advertise using such venues as Channel 6, Community News, mass E-mails, and
            phone mail.
        3. Call special meetings when necessary.
    B. Provide clear vision and creative leadership to the club.
    C. Appoint committees when necessary.
    D. Organize and coordinate annual elections.
    E. Appoint a substitute in the event of a midyear vacancy in any of the office positions.
    F. In case of need, delegate the above responsibilities to wise, responsible persons.

III. The duties of the Secretary/Treasurer shall be to work harmoniously and helpfully with the Co-Presidents in all aspects of the club’s administration.
    A. The secretarial duties shall be to
        1. Keep minutes of the meetings.
        2. Write and submit a monthly report to SGA.
        3. Keep membership records and update membership status following each meeting.
    B. The treasury duties shall be to
        1. Keep and balance a budget if so requested.
        2. Organize the club’s fundraising events.
        3. Conscientiously collect, preserve, and pay out of the club’s funds all necessary monies
            to meet the financial obligations of the club.
    C. In the event the joint duties should become too overwhelming for one person, the
        Secretary/Treasurer shall propose an amendment for splitting the office and establishing
        separate offices for Secretary and Treasurer.

Article 5:  Faculty Advisor
I. A member of the History Department faculty will serve as advisor of the club and participate freely in club activities.  The advisor will be chosen as needed by the officers of the club or by recommendation of the outgoing advisor.

II. The advisor shall meet monthly with the officers.

III. The advisor shall approve the appointment and removal of club officers.

Article 6:  Selection of Officers
I. New officers will be selected
    A. Upon the graduation of the incumbent officer.
    B. Upon the resignation of the incumbent officer.
    C. Upon the removal of the incumbent officer.

II. Process for the selection of new officers:
    A. Any core member second year or higher may apply for an open position.
        1. Applications will be available at the March meeting or by contacting the
        2. Applications will be due at least two weeks before the April meeting.
    B. Existing officers will select an applicant for ratification.
        1. The applicant must be in good standing.
        2. The applicant must be approved by the faculty advisor.
        3. Applicants selected by the officers and approved by the advisor shall be presented
            for ratification at the April meeting.
        4. Core members will vote for the ratification of club officers.

III. Incumbent officers will remain in office until graduation, resignation or removal.

IV. Contingencies
    A. Removal of Incumbents.
        1. An officer shall be removed upon failure to fulfill the duties prescribed by the club and/or
            Messiah College.
        2. The club officers or the advisor may initiate the removal process.
        3. The remaining club officers may assume the duties of the removed officer or appoint a
            temporary substitute.
        4. The removed officer shall not hold office in the club again but will not be excluded
            from membership in the club.
    B. In case of a deadlock among the officers when selecting applicants, the advisor shall
         make the final decision.
    C. In case of a tie vote during the ratification process the club officers will cast the
        deciding votes.
    D. In the event that the ratification process fails, a special meeting will be called the
        following week to present new nominees.

Article 7:  Meetings
I. All meetings shall be planned and called by the Co-Presidents.  All members will attend monthly planning meetings to plan events and reflect on the progress and status of the club.  Officers will meet regularly to work out the details of club administration.

II. At the beginning of each academic year the president will plan a general meeting designed to introduce new students to the club or to introduce officers and the faculty advisor to all new members.

Article 8:  Events
The officers of the club will plan at least two events each semester such as field trips or movies, in addition to the regular monthly meetings.  Additional events may be planned as the opportunity arises or as club members indicate interest.

Article 9:  Amendments
Amendments to this constitution may be made at a monthly planning meeting by the suggestion of the members.  Amendments must be approved by club officers and the majority of core members present.




Submitted December 2002