E. Morris Sider

Upland College, B.A., 1952 Upland College, Th.B., 1953 University of Western Ontario, M.A., 1955 State University of New York at Buffalo, Ph.D., 1966 University of Toronto (graduate study for high school principals), 1958-59

Positions Previously Held

Ontario (Canada) schools, elementary school teacher, 1947-49 Niagara Christian College, Principal, 1956-58 Ontario Department of Highways, Historical Research, Summer, 1959 Chairman, Department of History and Political Science, Messiah College, 1974-83 Board/Committee positions, Brethren in Christ Church Publication Board General Conference Program Committee Editorial Council of the Evangelical Visitor Board of Administration, 1984-1990 Executive Committee, Board of Administration, 1984-1988 Council on Ministry and Mission, 1984-1990 Assistant Moderator of General Conference for the 1986- 88 biennium Secretary, Allegheny Conference of the Brethren in Christ Church, 1983-90 Board for Ministry and Doctrine, Brethren in Christ Church, 1984- 1992 Assistant Moderator, Susquehanna Conference, Brethren in Christ Church 1992-1993 Board of Directors, Susquehanna Conference, Brethren in Christ Church, 1992-1993 Brook Lane Psychiatric Center, Board of Directors, 1968-71 Interim pastoral assignments in two denominations Editor, Foundation Series (youth and adult), a Sunday school curriculum sponsored jointly by the Mennonites, Church of the Brethren, and Brethren in Christ, 1979-1985 Revision Committee, Manual of Doctrine and Government (Brethren in Christ Church), 1985-1992 Eastern Mennonite College and Seminary: Seminary Committee and Associate Trustee, 1990-1993

Positions Presently Held

Professor of History, Messiah College, 1963- Archivist, Brethren in Christ Church and Messiah College Archives, 1979-Editor, Brethren in Christ History and Life, 1977- Ringgold Restoration Committee, Member, 1979- Ordained Minister, Brethren in Christ Church Consulting Editor, Mennonite Historical Review, 1986- Editorial Council, Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage 1994- General Editor, Brethren in Christ Encyclopedia (work in progress) Director, Center for Brethren in Christ Studies, 1993- Member, Executive Board, Conference on Faith and History, 1993- Executive Director, Brethren in Christ Historical Society


Books: Fire in the Mountains A Vision for Service: A History of Upland College Nine Portraits Fruit from Woods and Sands: The Story of Houghton Mission Messenger of Grace: A Biography of C. N. Hostetter, Jr. Here Faith and Learning Meet: The Story of Niagara Christian College Lantern in the Dawn: Selections from the Writings of John Zercher (co-editor and author of chapter of biography) Messiah College: A History More Than Names Holiness Unto the Lord: The Story of Roxbury Holiness Camp Leaders Among Brethren: Biographies of Henry Ginder and Charlie Byers Amazing Grace (co-author) Beyond Our Dreams: The Story of Kenbrook Bible Camp on Its Fortieth Anniversary Within the Perfection of Christ: Essays on Peace and the Nature of the Church (editor) Called to Evangelism: The Life and Ministry of John L. Rosenberry My Story, My Song: Life Stories by Brethren in Christ Missionaries (editor) A Stewardship of Heritage: History-Keeping in the Congregation We Have This Ministry: Pastoral Theory and Practice in the Brethren in Christ Church (editor) The Brethren in Christ in Canada: Two Hundred Years of Tradition and Change Preaching the Word: Sermons by Brethren in Christ Ministers (editor)

Contributed to: Example to the Nation ( a religious history of Pennsylvania sponsored by the Pennsylvania Council of churches) (1 chapter) On Being Brethren in Christ (2 chapters)

Something Meaningful for God, Vol. 4 of The Mennonite Central Committee Story (1 chapter) The New International Dictionary of the Christian Church Historical Abstracts Mennonite Encyclopedia (new fifth volume) Dictionary of Christianity in America Anabaptist Currents: History in Conversation with the Present

Other: Numerous articles and book reviews in professional and religious journals The Brethren in Christ Church in Saskatchewan (a booklet written for the Canadian Conference of the denomination) Who are the Brethren in Christ? (a 35-page booklet on history, doctrine, practices of the denomination)

Current research and writing on books: A two-volume history of Brethren in Christ Missions Research and writing (as time and money permits) a book on English dissenters in the nineteenth century (requires research on location in England) A book of creative short stories on growing up in rural Canada in the depression years among the "plain people" Collection of biographies of Brethren in Christ of earlier years in Canada General Editor of a Brethren in Christ encyclopedia Book-length biography of E.J. Swalm Book-length history of the Grantham congregation of the Brethren in Christ Church


Canada Council Fellow, 1958-59 Included in Outstanding Educators of America Included in Directory of American Scholars Included in Dictionary of International Biography Included in International Who's Who in Education Included in (International) Men of Achievement Included in Who's Who in Religion Included in Who's Who in the East Included in Who's Who in America Included in Who's Who Among America's Teachers Alumnus of the Year (1982), Niagara Christian College Excellence in Teaching Award (Messiah College), 1987 Sears Roebuck Foundation Teaching Excellence and Campus Leadership Award (1991)


Wife: Leone Dearing Sider, Weirdale, Saskatchewan, Canada Children: Karen Redfearn, 2/28/56 Donna Gable, 10/11/57 Grandchildren: Jonathan Kim Redfearn, 4/5/85 Benjamin Park Redfearn, 10/31/86