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Financial Aid


As you might expect, an education of Messiah's quality is not inexpensive. But, there is good news—there are many sources of assistance available. And, of Messiah's students who come through our analysis indicating a need for financial aid, 100% are offered aid.

    The last thing we want is for money to     get in the way of your college choice.


A typical financial aid package for a Messiah student includes a combination of scholarships and grants (which you don't have to repay), loans (which you do have to repay) and student employment.

You have two important responsibilities in the financial aid process: researching ("What am I eligible for ?") and applying. To learn more about the financial aid process and the many resources available to you, take a look at our "Reconciling the Costs" flipbook.



President Kim Phipps and students

“As president of Messiah College, one of my key priorities is to keep a Messiah education affordable and accessible.”


— Kim S. Phipps, president (pictured above with two Messiah students)


U.S. Census Bureau statistics show that having a bachelor's degree means you’ll earn over an average of 62% more than someone who only has a high school diploma and over your lifetime your average earning potential is $1 million more. Not to mention the incalculable value of what you'll give back to your world as a result of your Messiah education!


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