Admissions Office

Your Financial Aid Can Make a Big Difference
at Messiah College


We understand the concerns of students and their families about the rising cost of a college education.


Messiah College is committed to keeping a Messiah education accessible and affordable. Students who enroll at Messiah College tell us that financial aid awards were an important factor in making their decision to attend Messiah.

We’re Committed to Making a Messiah College Education Affordable for you


  • The AVERAGE first-year student financial aid package in Fall 2011 was $24,725. (See the Reconciling the Costs flipbook for more details.)
  • All first year students enrolled in 2011 received financial aid
  • Typically, financial aid packages for enrolled students include:
    • grants or scholarships (100%)
    • one or more loans (70%)
    • work package or campus job (45%)