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Adventure Education Degree (B.A.)

Adventure Education Degree (B.A.)

Adventure Education at Messiah College

Travelers, wilderness enthusiasts, outfitters and youth ministers thrive in Messiah College’s Bachelor of Arts in adventure education degree program.

If you are interested in the great outdoors and are passionate about helping others achieve their personal best, then Messiah College’s adventure education program is for you. Adventure education uses adventure activities such as ropes course experiences, extended wilderness trips, rock climbing, caving and canoeing as a catalyst for growth and development—both personally and with others.

In the adventure education major you’ll gain the theory, knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to successfully plan, implement, administer, and supervise educational experiences in the outdoor setting. Through classroom and field experience, you’ll be well-prepared for a job as an adventure educator.

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From classroom to adventure courses

Messiah College’s adventure education curriculum is designed to provide a strong balance between theoretical and practical knowledge. In the adventure education major, you will not only gain the competencies to safely lead others in adventure experiences; you will be well rooted in the theories and philosophies that shape the field of adventure education.

A distinct feature of Messiah’s adventure education is the opportunity to take a pair of courses—Programming and Trip Design, and Trip Implementation—where you’ll spend the fall semester designing a wilderness trip.  In the spring semester, you’ll be part of a student team that will recruit other participants, lead weeklong spring break trips, and be responsible for all aspects of the experience.

You also have the option of spending a semester on a NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) course in the Pacific Northwest, Rocky Mountains or Desert Southwest. 

Leadership and career preparation

Messiah College’s adventure education degree is a first-rate, firsthand experience that gets you ready for an exciting career in adventure education, alternative education, wilderness therapy, camp programming, youth ministry, adventure travel, commercial outfitting or outdoor education.

Our faculty make sure that beyond becoming an effective outdoor leader, you will be able to design educational and developmental experiences that move groups and individuals towards specific goals.