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SPRING Swim School schedule is now posted.

Swim School Registration

Registration Process
Interested participants can mail in or drop off registration forms at the pool office. Forms will be accepted in the order they are received. Messiah College Faculty and Alumni will be given priority up to the specified date. All participants will be notified by email as to which class your child has been enrolled. Please indicate your first, second and third choice of session/class/level.  Priority will be given to Messiah employee/alumni applications received by January 11, 2012.

View and print the application here.

Private Lessons:

Availability of private lessons is very limited, especially during the Messiah Swim Team season.  All families interested in lessons need to fill out a private lesson request form and email it to nluley@messiah.edu.  The waiver form will need to be signed and brought to the first lesson.  Private Lesson Request Form and Waiver.

Forms will be kept in order of receipt.  Instructors will be matched with families whose schedules are compatible.  Order of receipt will be kept in mind during this process, but instructors schedules will ultimately be what determines lesson times.  Filling out the request form does not guarantee that private lessons will be available.

Lesson cost is $20 per half hour for one child.  If two children receive instruction during the same half hour, the cost is $30 for the two children.