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Athletics Directory
Main Athletics phone:
Fax: 717.691.6044
Email the Athletics Department
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Mailing Address:
Box 4501
One College Ave.
Grantham, PA 17027

All telephone extensions available from main Messiah switchboard
at 717.796.1800 unless otherwise specified.

Athletics Administration
Jack Cole Director of Athletics x.6820
Amy Weaver Associate Athletics Director for Operations/Senior Women's Administrator x.2160
Brad McCarty Assistant Athletics Director for Facilities and Equipment x.7054
Aaron Faro Athletics Recruitment Coordinator x.2690
Steve King Interim Assistant Athletics Director for Public Relations and Marketing x.7356
Brooke Good Assistant Sports Information Director x.7359
Nancy Luley Aquatics Director x.7313
Casey Stone Administrative Assistant 717.691.6018

Athletic Trainers
Jeremy Kauffman Head Athletic Trainer x.3492
Sandy Bush Athletic Training Program Director x.6037
Wendy Cheesman Athletic Trainer x.2170
Retta Murray Athletic Trainer x.3400
Brenda White Athletic Trainer x.7098

Steve DeRiggs Interim Head Coach x.3160
Mike Santoro Assistant Coach x.3160

Men's Basketball
Rick Van Pelt Head Coach x.2450
Brad Rideout Assistant Coach x.2450
Will Cabrera Assistant Coach x.2450

Women's Basketball
Mike Miller Head Coach x.3250
Jodi Noble Assistant Coach x.7113
Larry Sassaman Assistant Coach x.3250
Colleen McCallus Assistant Coach x.3250

Cross Country
Dale Fogelsanger Head Coach x.7034
Jamie (Jennings) Martin Assistant Coach x.7034

Field Hockey
Jan Trapp Head Coach x.3120
Jen Jacobs Assistant Coach x.3120
Brooke Good Assistant Coach x.3120
Michael Warari Assistant Coach x.3120

Troy Boone Head Coach x.6630

Men's Lacrosse
Geof Wiesenborn Head Coach x.7325
Josh Mueller Assistant Coach x.7325
Nate Bates Assistant Coach x.7325

Women's Lacrosse
Heather Greer Head Coach x.2246
Joanna Dennstaedt Assistant Coach x.2246

Amy Weaver Head Coach x.2160
Alex Quigley Pitching Coach x.2160
Sam McLoota Outfield Coach x.2160
Dana Randall Assistant Coach x.2160
Jennifer Thuma Strength/Conditioning Coach x.2160

Men's Soccer
Brad McCarty Head Coach x.7054
Aaron Faro Assistant Coach x.2690
Troy Sauer Assistant Coach x.7054
Aaron Schwartz Goalkeeper Coach x.7054

Women's Soccer
Scott Frey Head Coach 717.796.5359
Todd Balsbaugh Assistant Coach 717.796.5359
Bethany Sauer Assistant Coach 717.796.5359
Maggie Futato Goalkeeper Coach 717.796.5359

Nancy Luley Head Coach x.7313

Jon Arosell Head Coach x.7339

Track and Field
Dale Fogelsanger Head Coach x.7034
Bill Barko Assistant Coach x.7034
Chris Boyles Assistant Coach x.7034
John Long Assistant Coach x.7034
Brian Hager Assistant Coach x.7034

Women's Volleyball
Judi Tobias Head Coach x.7294
Debbie Rutter Assistant Coach x.7193
Sue Kelly Assistant Coach  

Bryan Brunk Head Coach x.7097
Ben Stum Assistant Coach x.7097
Derek Ricker Assistant Coach x.7097