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Athletics Schedules

Quick links to the schedules for all of Messiah's sports teams, available both online and in PDF format for easy printing.

Please note that late schedule changes may not be reflected in the PDF version of each schedule. Please check the schedule web page of the appropriate sport for the most up-to-date information.

Fall Sports
2011 Cross Country Schedule  
2011 Field Hockey Schedule  
2011 Men's Golf Fall Schedule  
2011 Men's Soccer Schedule  
2011 Women's Soccer Schedule  
2011 Women's Volleyball Schedule  
Winter Sports
2011-12 Men's Basketball Schedule  
2011-12 Women's Basketball Schedule  
2011-12 Swimming Schedule  
2011-12 Track & Field Schedule (indoor)  
2011-12 Wrestling Schedule  
Spring Sports
2012 Baseball Schedule  
2012 Men's Golf Spring Schedule  
2012 Men's Lacrosse Schedule  
2012 Women's Lacrosse Schedule  
2012 Softball Schedule  
2012 Men's Tennis Schedule  
2012 Women's Tennis Schedule  
2011-12 Track and Field Schedule (outdoor)