Alvernia University vs Messiah College (Nov 05, 2011)


Field Hockey Box Score

Field Hockey Box Score (Final)
Messiah College Field Hockey 2011
Alvernia University vs #8 Messiah College (Nov 05, 2011 at Grantham, PA)

Alvernia University (13-7) vs.
Messiah College (14-3)
Date: Nov 05, 2011 Attendance: 234
Weather: Sunny, brisk, low 50's

Goals by period   Total 
Alvernia University 
Messiah College 

Alvernia University
Pos  ##  Player  Sh  SOG   G   A  DS 
GK   27  Erin Wunsch  
  1   Kyle Dillman  
F   2   Sam Landis  
D   3   Mary VanKirk  
F   5   Miranda Peto  
F   6   Katy Eby  
  7   Brittany Barcus  
D   11  Amanda Galanti  
  14  Nikki Wessner  
  15  Erin Solley  
D   21  Tonya Rutt  
      --- Substitutes --- 
  10  Leah Baer  
  13  Samantha Marino  
  20  Taylor Eichelberger  
  22  Lauren Guido  

##  Goalie  Minutes   GA  Saves 
27  Erin Wunsch   70:00  11 

Messiah College
Pos  ##  Player  Sh  SOG   G   A  DS 
GK   60  Molly Gebrosky  
F   2   Kourtney Ehly  
F   5   Juliana Hershey  
F   7   Emily Hursh  
  12  Emily Bower  
F   13  Brooke Sands  
  14  Erika Cann  
  15  Kelly Martin  
D   17  Becky Ely  
  19  Gina Kellet  
  22  Natalie Ziegler  
      --- Substitutes --- 
  4   Dara Downs  
  8   Caroline Wulf  
  9   Kilee Rosenberry  
  11  Brittany Horst  
  16  Celina Nissley  
    Totals.........  22  18 

##  Goalie  Minutes   GA  Saves 
60  Molly Gebrosky   70:00 

Shots by period   Total 
Alvernia University 
Messiah College  14  22 
Penalty corners   Total 
Alvernia University 
Messiah College  10  14 
Saves by period   Total 
Alvernia University  11 
Messiah College 

Goal  Time  Team  Goal Scorer  Assists  Description 
1.  1:51  MESSFH   Emily Hursh  Natalie Ziegler  Shot from top circle put in to right side 
2.  2:21  MESSFH   Juliana Hershey  Emily Bower  Ball passed from outside circle tipped in 
3.  8:16  MESSFH   Brooke Sands  Emily Bower  Drive from center of the circle off corner hit 
4.  23:44  ALVFH   Leah Baer  Sam Landis  Shot off corner hit tipped in from right side 
5.  39:37  MESSFH   Natalie Ziegler  Brooke Sands  Cross pass off corner hit shot in off defender stick into goal 
6.  53:32  MESSFH   Emily Hursh  Kelly Martin; Juliana Hershey  Through pass off corner hit in on left side 
7.  54:36  MESSFH   Emily Hursh  Kilee Rosenberry  Ball taken down baseline played accross goal finsished right side 
8.  61:45  MESSFH   Brooke Sands  Kilee Rosenberry  Drive off insert blasted into left corner 


Officials: Kathryn Grove; Lucy Godfrey; Becky Smith; Scorer: Messiah Sports Info;