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Messiah golfers can play year-round — while receiving instant feedback — thanks to the P3ProSwing simulator.

Golfers at Messiah may compete at the NCAA Division III level, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have access to the absolute best in technology.

In November of 2008, Messiah golf purchased a complete P3ProSwing unit, an indoor golf simulator that provides instant feedback in a number of formats for golfers to get the most out of their training sessions.

“Working with P3ProSwing has been absolutely huge for us,” said Troy Boone, Messiah head golf coach. “In addition to all of the analytical analysis it provides, it’s allowed our guys to stay in ‘golf mode’ throughout the winter, and that’s been key. Our guys are able to stay fluid in their swing year-round, and it’s a great place to practice on bad weather days. Since we’ve acquired the P3ProSwing, we’re not sacrificing anything.”

P3ProSwing is the only golf analyzer and simulator chosen to be a Technology Partner of the PGA Center for Learning and Performance. It allows golfers to receive instant feedback with any club, with or without a golf ball.

The simulator consists of a durable, high tech sensing platform and software that captures information from 65 optic elements to create a visual representation of a golfer’s swing data. Players can utilize a wide scope of programs, varying from range practice to full rounds of golf.

“We’ve done video sessions, broken different parts of the swing down and corrected flaws, all thanks to the P3ProSwing,” Boone said. “The amount of feedback a golfer gets — club speed, swing tempo, swing path, toe and heel height, club angle, angle of attack — is amazing.”

The results have been noted, as Messiah won the Commonwealth Conference Championship in the spring of 2010 and advanced to the subsequent NCAA Championships — both program firsts.

The Falcons’ P3ProSwing unit resides in an on-campus golf studio, housed within Sollenberger Sports Center.

“With it being right here on campus, our guys can work on their swings at any time,” Boone said. “There’s continuous access. Even if you just want to play a few holes, you can jump on and get in a few swings. When it’s cold or snowing or raining outside, there’s nothing better than that.”