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Prospective Athletes

The best way is to come to one of our summer camps.
A second way is to attend one of the tournaments below.

2 Day College ID Camp (Messiah College)--June
This is a high level camp for those serious about college soccer.

Week Long Resident Camp (Messiah College)--July

PDA Boys College Showcase (Zarephath, NJ)--November
PA Classics Winter Showcase (Manheim, PA)--December
CASL (Raleigh, NC)--December
Jefferson Cup (Richmond, VA)--March
Annandale Cup (Annandale, VA)--March
Potomac Memorial (Maryland Soccerplex)--May
Mid-Atlantic Cup (Manheim, PA)--July

The recruiting questionnaire is on an ensuing page.
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As a Christian College, Messiah is striving to educate our student body so they can grow and mature in all areas of their lives and have an impact on the communities in which they live. As a result, we are looking for players who are serious about their faith, and have the maturity to handle the high expectations and standards of our program. Our foundation is set upon our faith in Christ and we want to integrate that faith in everything we do--both on and off the field.

In addition to finding players that are a good fit, we are looking for players who are have a high level of technical, tactical, and athletic ability. We often attract players who choose Messiah over a mid-major DI school because of the quality, environment, culture, and unbelievable team chemistry found in our program. As a result, we are able to create a team who is very technical, committed to one another, and simply has the right mentality to compete every time we step onto the field.

There is a standard of excellence in the program that isn't limited in terms of its vision to being a "Division III" team. Messiah seeks to excel and compete at the national level in Division III. Messiah also expects to compete well against NCAA Division I competition, as well as professional teams both in the US and in Europe. Opponents in the past have included Georgetown, Delaware, Bucknell, Penn State, Lehigh, St. Francis, and Maryland; pro teams Hershey Wildcats and Charlotte Eagles; and Dutch professional clubs Herenveen, BVO Emmen, RKC Wallwijk, and Veendam. Players at Messiah are committed to high standards in training to be able to compete as a program at these levels.

Messiah has won 8 national championships since 2000.

We are committed to finding top level players who fit Messiah as a Christian college. The team is chosen through the recruiting process as opposed to open tryouts when school starts. Therefore, it is important for interested high school seniors to understand that process. The following are some steps you can take to help in the recruiting process:

1. Contact Us. Fill out our online recruiting form so we will have your information. In addition, feel free to contact Head Coach Brad McCarty via e-mail at bmccarty@messiah.edu.

2. Come to camp. Our Jr/Sr Advanced Camp in June is a great way for you to learn more about us and allow us to see you compete in our system and style of play. Although it is not required for you to attend this camp in order to be on the team, it simply is a great way to separate yourself from the other 250 recruits interested in Messiah. Five out of the six recruits in our 2011 class attended one of our Camps last summer.

3. Make a visit to campus with your parents. You can schedule through our Admissions Office at 717-691-6000, and make an appointment through them to talk with the coaches while here on campus. Check out Messiah At A Glance (PDF) to find out more about the college.

4. Send a game or highlight tape of you playing. We can't get out to see everyone who would like us to see them play. Looking at a tape of you allows us at least something to go on, which may be helpful in evaluating your ability to play here.

Mail Videos to:
Brad McCarty
Messiah Men's Soccer
1 College Avenue
Box 4501
Grantham, PA 17027

5. If possible, plan to see us play. While it is sometimes difficult for me to meet with you on game days, it is of great benefit for you to see us play and get a first hand look at the level of play, the team's style, and the atmosphere surrounding a game.

Timing: We spend portions of the spring and summer of a player's junior year, as well as the fall of a player's senior year in high school, to evaluate players and their fit for Messiah and our program. We try to narrow the group we're interested in to approximately 25 players by the summer/fall, and then spend a significant amount of time getting to know those players better. We are normally done recruiting between December and January (although it has been earlier), having by that time offered roster spots to potential players.

Fill out our recruiting form here and we'll be in touch.