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Messiah Philosophy
A focus on team chemistry is one key to Messiah's success.

Men's Soccer at Messiah
National champions in 2010, 2009 2008, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2002 and 2000, the men's soccer program at Messiah has established itself as one of the elite small-college programs in the country through its success on the field and its unique, and entertaining style of play. Favoring the Dutch style of quick ball circulation and exciting 1 vs. 1 play, the Falcons have gained a reputation for intelligent and attractive, attacking soccer. Messiah is well-known nationally not only for winning, but also for consistently adhering to the highest standards of fine play and sportsmanship. The program has also produced numerous coaches at the collegiate and high school levels.

The Team
Great team chemistry is expected on and off the field, and a high level of commitment and personal discipline are key ingredients for Messiah players. The fall season is followed by a 12-week strength, speed, and agility program, which is followed by the maximum NCAA-allowable 5-week spring developmental season. Players train through the summer to return to campus in August in top physical condition. Twenty-four players and four coaches in the program gives us a great ratio of coaches to players and a tremendous amount of flexibility in practice. Shadow play and theme-based short-sided games help solidify our tactical understanding. Functional training by role and a strong emphasis on ability to execute help us focus technically. Fitness training is both unique and soccer-specific, and we strength-train during the fall season in an effort to keep consistency and balance in our training.

Program Philosophy
Though wins have come in bunches for Messiah, the program is also well-known for a sound ethical approach and good attitude toward the game. The foundation of the men's soccer program at Messiah is the athletic department's motto, "Pursuing athletic excellence, developing Christian character." Team members are treated with dignity, honor, and respect and are thus expected to treat each other in the same way. Sportsmanship and fair play take precedence over winning games, with winning emerging as a by-product of doing things correct.

Player Development
Individual and small-group work in the fall and a meaningful spring program provide the continuity that fuels player and personal development at Messiah. The off-season program includes team practice, individual training, lifting, maintaining fitness, and the maximum-allowed two competition dates. Our players expect to develop as players and leaders while they are here, and are committed to that development being a year-round process.