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For Recruits ... The Messiah Softball Way

To submit recruiting informaiton to the Messiah coacing staff, please click on the button below and complete a recruit questionnaire.

Messiah Softball Philosophy

We believe in striving for excellence in all that we do. Our athletics motto is "Pursuing Athletic Excellence, Developing Christian Character." This is the heart of our coaching philosophy. We are pursuing athletic excellence and pushing our team in that pursuit. We also strive for excellence in our lives off the field and are involved in our players' personal development as well as their athletic development.   

Our goal is to win games, but we believe in a sound ethical approach to the game and playing within the rules.  We expect our players to play hard but play fair. We work to develop each player individually and to reach their full potential within the team framework. Coaches do not yell or degrade players. We treat each player with respect and expect the same in return from the players.  

We place high value on the pursuit of excellence and the process of the pursuit. We expect each player to work hard in preparation for games. Winning comes as a by-product of pursuing excellence in practice and in good sound preparation. Finally, the team will always come before individuals. We expect the team to commit to their teammates and coaches will do the same. Although individuals are important, the team and what is best for the team will always come first.

A Christian Team

All of us come from different backgrounds and experiences. We are not all the same and we do not all have to express our faith in the same way. However, we must have some common principles as we play and represent Messiah College.  We are great athletes who embrace Christian principles for living and integrate those into our lives on and off the field.  We seek to play fair and act with self-control and integrity while playing at the highest level of softball.

A Competitive Team

Messiah won the 2009 NCAA Division III National Championship, highlighting the program's six trips to NCAA national tournament, as well as three trips to the Division III World Series.

We are high caliber players who choose to be a part of Messiah’s team because of the quality of our softball program and the quality of our academic programs. We are "scholarship level" athletes who recognize the benefits and the value of the "Messiah College Experience." 

We recruit and play on a national level. Many of our players have been recruited by other schools at the NCAA Div. I & II levels, but have chosen Messiah. Many have turned down scholarship offers. We recognize the value of attending Messiah College where we are competing on a national level in softball, as excellence is stressed in both the classroom, the playing field, and our personal lives.

We will compete at the highest level. In the Fall, we compete against Div. I and II programs. Players are committed to training and fitness even out of season.  In season we compete in the MAC Commonwealth Conference, one of the most competitive conferences in NCAA Div. III softball -- Messiah and others from our conference have made it to the NCAA Division III National Championships, as well as regularly appearing in NCAA Regional competition.

A Committed Team

Messiah has taken multiple international trips over the past eight years alone, including the Dominican Republic in 2011 (top) and Hawaii in 2007. Where would you like to go?

Our team success is not only because of our great athletic talents, but because of our commitment to one another on and off the field. Our team gets along very well and they have fun together off the field. When we're on the field, we're all about softball. This is something that helps make our team so unique. All players know their roles and are truly there to help their teammates become the best they can be. It's all about the team at Messiah.

One other great thing about softball at Messiah is our belief in giving our players a well-rounded playing experience. We've been able to travel throughout the United States and beyond to compete. In 2011, we traveled to the Dominican Republic. In 2007, we played in Hawaii. In 2004, we played the Jr. Olympic Team at the Olympic Stadium in Australia. We're already planning our next trip away from the mainland U.S. again -- where would you like to go?

The Recruiting Process

Our team is chosen through the recruiting process on a national level. There are very limited spots for walk-ons at tryouts when school starts.  For players who are interested, we suggest the following:

  1. Contact us. Fill out our recruiting questionnaire. In addition please feel free to e-mail Head Coach Amy Weaver (aweaver@messiah.edu) or Assistant Coach Alex Quigley (aquigley@messiah.edu).
  2. As a junior come to a Messiah open house.
  3. Send us your high school and summer ball schedules. Summer ball schedules are most important as it is very difficult for us to see many high school games while we are in season.
  4. Send a video of practice footage and game footage.
  5. Attend one of our clinics or our summer camp.  Our summer camp is the best way to get noticed by us and also to learn more about us and our campus.
  6. Contact our admissions department -  1-800-233-4220.
  7. Come see us play. Our schedule is available here.