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Biblical and Religious Studies Major

Biblical and Religious Studies Major

Biblical and Religious Studies at Messiah College

Deepen your Christian commitment, interpret biblical texts responsibly, and minister to others with wisdom and compassion.

Messiah College’s flexible biblical and religious studies curriculum allows you to pursue electives in other departments, choose a double major, or even customize an individual major based on your personal career goals. By preparing you to interpret biblical texts responsibly and to reflect on religious beliefs and practices, you’ll acquire leadership skills that enable you to mature academically and spiritually, and to ultimately become an agent for reconciliation in church and society. 

It is not surprising that students in this major are extremely successful in finding ministry-oriented employment and in gaining admission to prestigious graduate schools, law schools, and seminaries including Evangelical School of Theology, Wesley Theological Seminary, Villanova University, Princeton Theological Seminary, Duke Divinity School, Yale Divinity School, University of Notre Dame, Fuller Seminary, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, and Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary.

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