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Biochemistry BACHELOR DEGREE (B.S.) / (B.A.) Biochemistry 4.jpg

Biochemistry BACHELOR DEGREE (B.S.) / (B.A.)

Biochemistry BACHELOR DEGREE (B.S.) / (B.A.)

Biochemistry at Messiah College

A degree in biochemistry from Messiah College prepares you for a variety of exciting careers such as medicine, pharmacy, allied health fields, forensic science and more. If you’re interested in a career in one of these areas, then Messiah College’s biochemistry major is a good fit for your college experience.

As a program approved by the American Chemical Society, the department offers a rigorous education across all sub-disciplines of chemistry and biochemistry, providing you with the intellectual, experimental and communication skills necessary for preparation as a scientific professional.

Biochemistry major distinctives
Career options for biochemistry majors
Internship and research opportunities for biochemistry majors

Degree options as a biochemistry major

As a student pursing biochemistry, you may choose from three biochemistry degree options. The Bachelor of Science degree with ACS Certification, is the most rigorous. It includes introductory courses across all areas of chemistry and incorporates undergraduate research as a required part of your coursework. This is the best choice for you if you want to pursue a career in the laboratory or in research. The Bachelor of Science degree is a good choice if you want to pursue a career in the laboratory or the health field. It does not contain a required research component. The Bachelor of Arts degree in biochemistry requires the fewest major credits and contains more elective options than either B.S. degree. The B.A. degree is often first choice if you're interested in a career in the health professions, as it leaves more time for pursuing a minor, another major or volunteer activities off campus.

Biochemistry is also a great choice if you are interested in pursuing work in forensic science. Forensic science requires careful analytical lab work in both chemistry and genetics, in particular. The addition of a criminal justice minor, while here at Messiah College, is particularly good preparation for graduate study in forensic science.

Research opportunities and hands-on learning

While studying biochemistry at Messiah College, almost all biochemistry majors participate in undergraduate research. You can choose projects from across all the science departments, working closely with a faculty member, and can even begin some of these projects as early as your first year. You also have the opportunity to pursue summer research opportunities at major research universities, with the help of a strong letter of recommendation from Messiah College faculty.

As a student in the biochemistry degree program, there are also opportunities for you to work as a lab assistant, tutor or supplementary instruction leader in the department.

Our strong emphasis on developing laboratory skills and the use of analytical instrumentation throughout the program make you particularly attractive to industrial employers. Many positions are available for chemists in chemical analysis, environmental chemistry, biotechnology and forensic science.

After graduation

When you graduate, you will be well prepared to continue your education in graduate school, medical school or another allied health field, or immediately enter a profession in the laboratory.