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Biology Bachelor Degree (B.S.)

Biology Bachelor Degree (B.S.)

Biology at Messiah College

Put your mind, heart and hands to work as biology major at Messiah College. Through the biology degree program, you’ll not only study creation, but also the creator, integrating your knowledge of biology with your Christian faith. 

Messiah College’s Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in biology offers you a strong foundation of core biology courses and the opportunity to focus in a particular area of interest through the biomedical, cellular, ecological, general and organismal biology concentrations.

Biology major distinctives
Career options for biology majors
Internship and research opportunities for biology majors

Research and hands-on learning

Throughout the degree program, you’ll constantly have hands-on experiences that complement your biology classes. Many students conduct original research in our state-of-the-art laboratories which have research-quality equipment such as a real-time polymer chain reaction machine and deconvolution fluorescence microscopes. Others team with faculty to join their research projects in areas such as cancer metastasis, phytoremediation, cellular immunology, forest ecology and herpetology. Some students even take to campus’ expansive woodlands, fields and wetlands for their research.

In the biology major, you’ll also have the opportunity to go beyond our Pennsylvania campus and see the world as your classroom. Biology degree students often participate in faculty-led courses abroad in Central America, New Zealand and Zambia. No matter your area of focus, you will find a wealth of intriguing courses and exciting hands-on experiences that will enhance your learning and stewardship techniques as you complete the biology program.

After graduation

With your biology degree from Messiah College in hand, you’ll be prepared for whatever post-graduation path you pursue, whether working in biology, furthering your studies in a biology master’s program, or attending medical school.