Give 'em a break!

Support our current students by making a $10 gift. Your donation provides both a $5 break in a campus café and a $5 gift toward next year’s scholarship aid. You are not only encouraging students right now, but also making a Messiah education possible for future students.

Our goal is to provide a finals break for each of our 2,675 students by April 30.

*The last day to sponsor a gift is Wednesday, April 30th.

Thanks a “latte” for your support!

To sponsor a Finals Break, please complete the form below

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Please feel free to write a note of encouragement to our students. If you are an alumnus, consider signing the note with your first name and class year. The note cannot be addressed to a specific student. (Ex. Dear Bobby…Love, Grandma and Grandpa.) 100 word limit, please See the Frequently Asked Question link.

Total Due: kits @ $10 each = $


After you click submit, you will be routed to a secure site for payment.  A confirmation for your transaction and payment will be sent to the e-mail address you listed above.