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*note* Canvas terminology for roles are Instructor and Student, you will need to decide which is applicable for your situation

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How does a professor see multiple submissions for an assignment?

Give students extra time or attempts on a test or quiz

How do I delay posting grades for an assignment?


How do I submit an assignment?

How do I see my professor's comments on my paper?

Find my professor's feedback (video)

How do I submit a peer review assignment?

How do I see my peer reviewers comments?

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Training Schedule: (no registration required)

Note: Canvas training is now offered as part of Ed Tech Open Door Sessions.

Ed Tech Open Door Sessions for March

Ed Tech Open Door Sessions for April

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Dec 31st, 2013– We plan to transition Sakai to read-only status.  You will be able to access information in Sakai, but you will not be able to add more.

Spring 2014 – All courses should be taught using Canvas.

Dec 31st, 2014 – Sakai will be closed.

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