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Chemistry at Messiah College

Messiah’s state-of-the-art teaching laboratories and research-quality technology and equipment attract some of the nation’s brightest young men and women. 

As a program approved by the American Chemical Society, the department offers a rigorous education across all sub-disciplines of chemistry and biochemistry, providing you with the intellectual, experimental and communication skills necessary for preparation as a scientific professional.

Investigate the world around you while also learning more about yourself and your Creator. The chemistry major at Messiah College, one of the top private Christian colleges in the U.S., places special emphasis on the integration of the knowledge and methods of science with what Christian faith teaches us about people and their role in the universe. Often called the “central science,” chemistry relies heavily on theory from mathematics and physics, and then informs such diverse fields as ecology, agriculture, medicine, molecular biology, genetics, geology and food science.

Chemistry major distinctives
Career options for chemistry majors
Internship and research opportunities for chemistry majors

Degree options as a chemistry major

You will earn a B.S. or B.A. degree which will prepare you for graduate or professional school or to work in a variety of fields. You will also have the opportunity to tailor your electives to best meet your career goals and interests. The B.S. degree is recommended if you intend to go to graduate school or lab-based work areas. The B.A. degree is ideal if you want to use chemistry as a platform for work in business, law, or medicine or high school teaching. It requires two fewer chemistry and one fewer math courses than the B.S. degree. In addition, the additional room left for college-wide electives may allow you to complete a minor or double major relevant to your career plans.

Research opportunities and hands-on learning

While studying chemistry at Messiah, you’ll have a variety of research opportunities in areas such as green chemistry, protein design, natural products chemistry and materials synthesis. The hands-on use of analytical instrumentation throughout this program will allow you to easily succeed in a career in chemical analysis. These positions are abundant for Bachelor’s level scientists and include applications in environmental chemistry, biotechnology and forensic science. A key distinctive of the chemistry major’s course of study is a strong emphasis on developing laboratory skills throughout the curriculum.

During your studies, you may work as a lab assistant, tutor or supplementary instructor. You may even wish to join the Medical Awareness Society (pre-medical club), Sigma Zeta (national science and mathematics honors society) or the Messiah College student affiliate group of the American Chemical Society.

After graduation

When you graduate, you’ll be well prepared to continue your education in graduate school, medical school, an allied health field, or immediately enter a profession in teaching or in the chemical or pharmaceutical industry.